Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Change is a universal law. Nothing is still as we observe many changes in our surroundings and in our life also. If there is no change the stagnation will occur. It can be resulted in the form of low progress. The wheel of time never stop it always proceeds and rotate. One dies and the new life steps in to the world. We observe changes into a kid, a kid into a young and after that into a man. The seed changes into a tree. The day break transforms into morning, morning into shine, shine into dawn and dawn into night. No change is perpetual, it is liable to change. This can be seen in spheres of life. Flowing water is always pure and still water is toxic. Just when it moves through and modifies with changes, it can revive and purify. Society is not in the least a static wonder, it is a dynamic substance. It is progressive in nature. Society is an association of people based on common interest and attitude. The social structure is liable to adapt or bring changes. People might make progress towards strength, developing, reestablishing and adapting to evolving conditions.
Social change can be defined as any modification in social structure, pattern, values, organization and relation in the social pattern of society. “Social change as a change in overall societal structure and relationship of a society. Social change is the modification that takes place in a social structure or functions of a society. It is the change in both material and non-material culture”. (Horton and Hunt)
“Social changes are variations from the accepted modes of life; whether due to alternation in geographical conditions, in cultural equipment, composition of the population or ideologies and brought about by diffusion or inventions within the group”. (Gillin and Gillin)
Education is regards as the process of modification of a behavior of an individual. It works as a changing agent or instrument to bring changes in to human life as well as in to society. Education is bearing the ability to transform the mind and ideas, values, attitude and thoughts of the members of society in desirable manner. These changes will occur then we will be able to bring real change in to society which is durable. There is a close relationship between education and social change. As education works as an important tool to bring change, it provides necessary situation and opportunities for social change. Sometime education also influence with social change occurs in society.

·        Provide required provisions: Education works as an important source to provide required provision to bring social change. It provides a platform to progress or to social evolution.
·        Transformation of thoughts and beliefs: Education act as an important tool to transform the traditional thoughts and beliefs which create barriers in the process of social change. Education makes an individual to think free and promote liberal thoughts.
·        Promote rational thinking and attitude: educated people never accepted the things blindly. Education enables them to think logically and develop an ability to analyze the situation critically. It also contributes to make an individual provide suggestions to improve existing situations or conditions.
·        Development of skills and knowledge: One of the educational objective is to develop various skills among students. Skills like academics, social and vocational skill. Skilled citizens of the country contribute more in the process of social change. They bring all the advancement related to different dimensions of society i.e economical, social, and technological.
·        Eradication of social evils: Every society consists of some barriers which contribute to create obstacle in the process of social change. These variables are caste, color, creed, religion etc. These barriers create a hurdle on the way of progress of an individual. Education is an only means to overcome these evils and transform the society in to secular and democratic society.

Assistant Professor: Raisa Khan
Jagannath Institute of Education
Greater Noida

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