Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Divine Vision

Divya Drishti’ (Divine Vision) instills principles of Universal Religion and is an important basic phase in the development of mutual understanding and love amongst the various nations of the world. The present day social, economic and cultural distinctions and disparity in human races and people can be properly adjusted if proper understanding of the elements of Divine Vision is created in their minds.
All efforts of human beings in this world are aimed at getting and increasing happiness both individually and collectively and simultaneously for the appeasement and decreasing the miseries. But as all these efforts are based on untrue convictions and false ideas about the reality in life the result is otherwise or is against what is naturally expected by us all.
In order to attain real happiness and terminate the cyclic process of re-births, two aims should always be kept in mind:
1.     That the worldly life and human duties need not be renounced.
2.     Persistent attempts based on misleading idealism to visualize God will not be of any avail.
It is a false and imaginary notion that salvation can be attained by renouncing our worldly life. Apathy towards worldly life does not necessarily lead one to the ‘Almighty’ but the true meaning of renunciation of worldly life can be best understood only by the realization of ‘Omnipotent’. The process of realization of Self is simple and can be explained by the fact that ‘Vishwarup’ is realized in the Self or Ego and for this purpose renunciation of the family or worldly life and ordinary duties is not required.
Divine Vision is the process which leads an individual to the realization where he can realize and identify his own self with ‘Vishwarup”. In this mental evolution, there are four stages after contact (Darshan) is established viz., hearing (Shruti), recapitulation (Manan), Introspection (Nidhidhyas) and Visualization (Sakshatar).
What we see and perceive in this world are different forms, shapes, sizes, volumes, dimensions, qualities, etc of the so called objects both visible and invisible to our senses. Due to this ideology of perception and conception and the modus operandi of our organs of the sense, we experience the difference between one object and another, with the result that a feeling of individuality pervades our vision as a separate and distinct entity from the oneness of the real element of which the Universe is composed. This is due to our ignorance as we do not try to know what Reality means, and express our own ‘Self’ by personal and egoistic instinct in us. Thus, in our routine and daily life individualism prevails as against universalism. This is in fact the reason of our misery and unhappiness in our life.
The entire creation (Universe) is full of one indivisible (Vastu) which never vibrates or resonates to any elemental influences. Though it seems to be far off, yet it is near us and within us. It is infused in the entire Universe and yet it is outside it also. This “Vastu” is visible to one who has realized that all the elements of Universe and Nature are within him and therefore, never prides in self-glorification. Such a person perceives and realizes the Universe in his own self and feeling of ‘oneness’ gives him supreme light in every walk of his life whereby he never falters.
This communion of the Individual Self with the Universal Self is the only process of complete Self-Realization. This merging of the Individuality into the Universality is the Divine Realization and basis of Self-Knowledge. This is Reality and Eternity.

Neha Goyal
Assistant Professor
School of Education

Greater Noida

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