Focus of Budget 2018-19 Focus of Budget 2018-19 The key focus of the Budget 2018-19 is on strengthening the rural economy and reviving up growth in the rural sector. To that end a slew of measures have been announced in the Budget which among other include higher MSPs for kharif crops, upgradation of rural haats to give farmers better access to formal mandi, increase in institutional farm credit, new funds for Fisheries and Animal Husbandry sectors, more fund for re-structured National Bamboo Mission fund, allocation for deprived irrigation districts, extension of the facility of Kisan Credit Cards to fisheries and animal husbandry farmers to help them meet their working capital needs. All these measures would transform rural India in a big way. For the benefit of lower and middle class the measures like increase in loans to Woman Self Help Groups, higher targets for Ujjwala, Saubhagya in providing free LPG connections, electricity and toilets have been announced.  These meas

Teaching for Complex Learning & Robust Knowledge

  What Is Robust Knowledge? Various studies point to three important characteristics of robust knowledge-it is deep, connected, and coherent. Deep knowledge is knowledge about underlying principles that allows experts to recognize the same principle based features in seemingly different problems.  Teaching for Robust Knowledge Some strategies incorporated into most teaching approaches are: Practice, Worked Examples, Analogies, & Self Explanation. Practice : Over learning, practicing even after doing skill or a procedure makes performance smooth, fast, and automatic. Practice can be effective in developing procedural knowledge of how to do things, but not beneficial itself helping students learn analogous things-solve knowledge across. Retrieval practice or testing is better than restudying for remembering information. Worked Examples : Worked examples can support the development of robust knowledge by managing cognitive load that student’s working memory not overwhelmed. This leave


  Blog Submitted by Dr.Ajay Sharma ECE Dept. JIMS Gr.Noida BUY ONE GET ONE FREE  It looks like marketing but in real life it has many meanings. If we buy “anger” we get “acidity” for free If we buy “jealousy” then “headache” is available for free If we buy “hate” we get “ulcer” for free If we buy “stress” then we get “blood pressure” for free Similarly, if we buy “ trust“ from conversation, then “ friendship “ is received for free. If we buy “exercise” then good “health” is available for free If we buy “peace” we get “prosperity” for free If we buy “honesty” we get “good sleep” for free If we buy “love expressions” then we get “God's grace” with all the good qualities Now it depends on us what we should buy.

The Art of skillful Teaching

  We often wonder what makes a successful Teacher…. The basic requirement is the love for Teaching. When we reflect back to identify the keys to successful teaching it is narrowed down to very simple steps and requirements.  Passion, warmth and understanding are traits strongly associated with the teacher’s success. Research has proved that student’s learning is enhanced in a positive emotional climate, the teacher takes student needs and perspective into account; and the teacher is not harsh or sarcastic. Teachers who provide clear presentations and explanations have students who learn better. Successful teachers are clear about the objectives they need to achieve. They are meticulous in their planning – as it impacts the learning the most. The planning is done for various levels – annual, term, unit, week and day wise. It is important that all of them are coordinated. Planning not only eliminates uncertainty but also provide flexibility for optimum learning to take place. The teacher

An Analysis of Law on Marital Rape

  Rape is derived from a word “Raptio” which means “to seize” As far as  the meaning of Marital Rape is concerned, it is relevant to note that the Penal Laws of our Country i.e. Indian Penal Code and Cr.PC has not yet it defined and not made an offence,  in case, where wife is above 18 years of age, but by way of judicial interpretation we may define it as “Marital Rape  is committed when sexual intercourse act committed by husband with his wife without her consent or by force or even against her wish.  At this juncture, it is relevant to note that Indian Penal Code do recognise that Judicial Separated husband can commit the offence of Rape with his wife, if she is not the willing/consent Party to do sexual act. The said issue of Marital Rape has been come into highlight in the wake of recently pronounced two judgments of the High Court in India viz Chhatisgarh and Kerala High Courts. The Chhattisgarh High Court in the revision petition filed before it in the case of Dilip Pandey &

Opportunities during Lockdown

  In the recent days we have learnt a lot of new words- Lockdown, Quarantine, Social distance etc. We all lived in the past two years two times in Lockdown and in some countries more than two times. Covid-19 has also raised the opportunities of touch less technology. Daily in the morning we move to our offices and used different method of attendance. The methods could be attendance, thumb impression, RFID card, Bar code etc.Covid-19 has raised the opportunities to work on touch less technologies. In the past year we have seen touch less temperature scanning machine, before Covid-19 we were not using this machine in general. Now a day’s almost every organization has at least this touch less technology. Similarly in near future we will see that our attendance will be taken through touch less technology whether it is taken by finger scanning without touching the machine, face scanning machine, iris technology, wave movement or any other method. So there are a lot of opportunities raised i

New Tax Policy Or Old Tax Policy Which Is Better

  Let begin with understanding new tax rules. It has six tax slabs, each having a lower rate on income up to Rs. 15 lakhs. Multiple exemptions and deductions are not available due to the varied income slabs and tax rates. There are benefits and drawbacks to the new tax system.  The present tax regime is still in effect, and we, as a taxpayer, have the option of choosing between the old and new tax regimes that best fit your needs. The government has not imposed any penalties for failing to transition to the new tax system. Taxpayers can invest their money in whatever manner they wish under the new tax structure. There is no need to invest in tax-saving schemes or insurance policies that may or may not be in accordance with their financial goals under the new program. With various tax brackets to choose from, you, the taxpayer, will be placed in the one that best reflects your yearly income. Dr. Shalini Singh Assistant Professor Department of Commerce


  India being a land of diverse religions and cultures, there are various religions namely Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Therefore, to avoid any conflict in such multireligious nation, the concept of secularism was adopted. Secularism in simple words means state recognizes no religion but respect all religions. The word 'secular' was added in the Preamble in the year 1976 in Indian Constitution. Although the concept of secularism is adopted from western countries but India follows such secularism model with slight deviation such as state interference is allowed in case of secular practices associated with religion under Article 25 of Indian Constitution. Thus, Indian Judiciary has played important role in reshaping the elements of secularism through Essential Religious Practices Doctrine (ERP) as evolved in case of Commissioner, Hindu Religious Endowments, Madras v. Sri Lakshimindra Thirtha Swamiar of Sri Shirur Mutt . This article throws a light