Friday, 22 March 2019


A redeeming feature of the digital age is that the shortening of your time lags between once new technology 1stseems in developed countries and its adoption across the planettypically developing countries leapfrog a generation – as Asian nation did with telecommunication – once we seamlessly skipped mass penetration of land lines to omnipresent mobile penetration; or a lot of recently once mobile-based payments have non heritable bigger acceptance than credit cards did over decades.
Much like this, AI, machine learning (AI, ML) and AI technologies area unit taciturnly however progressively automating work tasks. a number of it's already in use. Email comes with filters and sensible replies; maps and ride sharing apps use AI in route designing and pricing; on-line retailers use AI to know your preferences and shopping for habits in order that they individualize your looking expertise. Music streaming sites offer AI-curated individualized playlists, and also the 24-hour client service you employ on-line in all probability doesn’t have an individual's at the opposite finish.
As voice and biometric authentication still evolve, machine learning algorithms have gotten a lot of capable than ever. Deep neural networks currently offer AI the flexibility to be told – moving from doing tasks to finding issuesfreelance of subsequent directionsrisk capital funding of AI corporations globally soared seventy two last year, hita record $9.3 billion in 2018.

But as AI becomes more and more embedded in our society, it'll modification however we tend to work and live. there's comprehendible concern that AI can cause disruption and remove jobs. Policy manufacturers can ought toaddress this given already existing considerations concerning rising state. IDC predicts that by 2024, 1/2structured and repeatable tasks are automatic in workplaces, and two hundredth of information staff can have AI-infused package or a digitally connected technology as a associate. in keeping with a McKinsey report, job profiles characterized by repetitive activities might expertise the most important decline as a share of total employment from four-hundredth to around half-hour by 2030.
Policy manufacturers can ought to show daring leadership, and firms can ought to address the mammoth task of skilling and reskilling individuals to figure with AI. people can ought to fits a replacement world within which job turnover may be additional frequent as they transition to new sorts of employment, and therefore the possiblenecessity to repeatedly refresh and update their skills to match a dynamically ever-changing jobmarket.Being among the world’s quickest growing major economies, Republic of India should prepared itself for the AI onslaught. Last Gregorian calendar month Niti Aayog free a paper disceptation that Republic of India will position itself as a pacesetter in AI and coined the term #AIforAll. Niti Aayog directs India’s AI specialise in 5 sectors: tending, agriculture, education, good cities and infrastructure, and good quality and transportation. The paper underlines the necessity for privacy and security as well as evolving norms for regulation and anonymisation of knowledge.According to a LinkedIn report, Republic of India ranks third when the North American 
nation and China with the very best penetration of AI skills among its work force. the quantity of LinkedIn members adding AI talents to their profiles hyperbolic one hundred and ninetieth between 2015 and 2017 – the quickest growing skill set, by far.Besides the productivity and potency benefits AI brings in, there's conjointly the ethical dimension of machines good enough to create choices. Machine learning algorithms ar building temperament profiles on each person. AI algorithms will learn your behaviour, and before you recognize it, they apprehend you higher than you recognizeyourself. laureate Joseph Stiglitz says: “Artificial intelligence and robotisation have the potential to extend the productivity that would create everyone more happy, however provided that they're well-managed.” Stiglitz makes a distinction between AI that replaces staff and AI that helps individuals do their jobs higher.
Amongst {the higher|the higher} uses of machine learning is that the interpretation of medical data: for a fewforms of cancers and different disorders computers ar already better than humans at recognizing the damagingpatterns during a scan. Researchers at New York’s Icahn college of drugs have used AI to scour electronic health records from seven,00,000 patients to predict sickness risk factors for seventy eight diseases ‒ thus with successthat doctors currently communicate the system to assist diagnose sicknesses.On the opposite hand, China’s use of machine learning for political repression has gone well on the far side police work cameras. A recent report from a government thinktank praised the software’s power to “predict the event flight for web incidents, pre-emptively intervene in and guide public sentiment to avoid mass on-line popular opinion outbreaks, and improve social governance capabilities”. Last year saw the abstract boundaries of AI pushed any. Google’s DeepMind engineered a machine that may teach itself the principles of games and when 2 or 3 days of focused learning, beat each human and each different laptop player there has ever been. thus a machine capable of learning thus quick, it will conquer all. Elon Musk warned of the necessity of some regulative oversight on AI at a national or international level simply to createcertain humans doesn’t do one thing terribly foolish. As he place it, “With AI we’re conjure the devil.”There is little question AI can rework society, and there's a giant ought to safeguard against improper use. makingmoral AI can take quite simply intent. it'll need way larger collaboration between trade, governments and technology specialists. By operating with specialists, regulators will place in situ standards that defend North American nation whereas making certain AI will augment humans safely, in order that we will still reap the potential of those good machines and not be subservient to them. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Problem of Child Sexual Abuse in India- Laws and Legal Lacuna

Children are the most important assets of the nation because they shape the destiny of the nation as future citizens. The children have a right to protection against any kind of abuse, trafficking and exploitation. Children are easily vulnerable to abuse and exploited by the vested interests since they are tender in their age. Children are abused by their parents, guardians, teachers and other forces within and outside the family. Sexual abuse of children has reached epidemic proportions in India. Majority of perpetrators are male, including classmates, uncles or neighbours and typically are well acquainted with the child. ChildSexual Abuse is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent who is in a relationship of responsibility, trust or power, uses a child for sexual stimulation. It may interfere with human growth and development and place children at risk for a wide array of mental and emotional disorders. These disorders may include anxiety, depression, anger, suicidality, and personality disorders. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child called upon the States Parties to take appropriate educational, social, legislative and administrative measures to protect the child from all forms of abuse, maltreatment and exploitation. Article 34 (a) of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child enjoins state machinery to prevent the inducement or coercion of a child to engage in any unlawful sexual activity. The national governments have also provided various constitutional provisions, opportunities and facilities to safeguard the interest of children and facilitate their integrated development. The POCSO Act prescribes stringent punishment graded as per the gravity of the offence, with a maximum term of rigorous imprisonment for life, and fine. The rationale behind POCSO is to protect victimization of children, but in fact many times it end up victimizing the child more than protecting him/her.If children, who are survivors of abuse, are not given the right guidance to get over that phase of their life, they may turn out to be individuals who would not be able to realize their fullpotential in so many ways.

Indian Women

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better.” – J. K. Rowling

Which stone is left unturned? Which field is left to explore? What is left to be done?......
But still Indian women is fighting hard to come out of the stereotypes existing in our society, since ages. Following western culture is not the only direction to move ahead, our own culture is so rich that one needs his lifetime to understand and adopt it in one’s life.

Beginning from excellence in household chores, which is an art in itself to bringing up children and looking after the official chores is a normal routine. Creativity is a big factor that makes them and their activities more beautiful. It has been quoted many a times that Indian women possesses “AshtaBhujaein” alike Goddess Durga. They work tirelessly from dawn to dusk for the welfare of family and ultimately leading to welfare of the nation as well.

They are putting equal steps in defence of self and country too. Education and research are the fields which are majorly developed them. Indian history is full of such pioneers from Rani Lakshmi Bai to KalpanaChawla. They have broken gender barriers and worked hard to progress in various fields and coined their names with gold and made the country proud.

Lotus blooms in dirt and difficult conditions, so is the Indian women, Since their childhood they have to face a lot to establish and prove themselves. Skipping hurdles becomes their habit. If I talk about surviving and being loved by their parents is an important thing to step ahead. This paves the path for their education. Whenever given a chance to prove themselves, they have left no stone unturned to lead a success story. It would be unfair to talk about the support they get from their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, this race has exploited them for years and still doing but their support is also commendable. 

The status of women has been subject to great many challenges over the past years, many reformers have come up to fight against the existing evils against women. But in Modern India, they seen with dignity and have held high positions and offices including that of the Prime Minister, President, Lok Sabha Speaker, Union Ministers. With the advent of Constitution of India, Government of India has also guaranteed certain rights to women.

Monday, 18 March 2019

“How Artificial Intelligence meets your shopping preferences – It knows what you are buying - and what you want to buy”

When you do shopping online or visit a retail store, your retail experience is the latest battlefield for the artificialintelligence (AI).

All about grinding the data!

To understand the opportunities and threats for all major retailers, it is very important for these retailers to understand why has become an emerging trend nowadays. Two important aspects are: Data and Computing Power. Computing power is something which you can experience in your hand 24*7 i.e. your Smartphone because these phones have far better computational power in comparison to desktops/laptops. Organizations can easily access and utilize the unlimited computing power to train their Artificial Intelligence algorithms. AI systems learning tools like machine learning flourish on huge data sets. When these systems are fed accurately with the help of this huge data then they discover such trends and correlations that no human psychoanalyst could ascertain. These machine learning tools help in automating the data which helps the users to make a model that can then make constructive predictions about the same data.
Why retail is suitable for AI?
The promptness of AI deployment is different in retail sector and mainly stands on some critical factors: The primary factor is the ability to test and quantify the customer responses securely. Along with this they can also measure the effect on their bottom line very easily. The second is small consequences of a fault. An AI agent landing a passenger aircraft cannot manage to make a mistake because the life is on stake of the people travelling. An AI agent doing job in the retail sector makes millions of decisions every day can afford to make some mistakes, as long as the overall effect is positive.

Your shopping habits

AI can detect underlying patterns in your shopping behavior from the products you buy and the way in which you buy them. This could be your regular buying habits of purchasing sugar/bread/milk etc. from the nearby supermarket/from some specific applications online. For example these days there is a trend of dual household income which says that both the spouses are working so there are time constraints which forces them to take the help of these online applications to cater their daily household needs at their doorsteps which is also called as “Home Delivery” of products/services at your convenience. So the AI identifies your day-to-day needs and preferences from your usage of these apps for giving order and gives you notifications on your mobile phone which serve as reminders of your requirements which you might forget someday due to your busy schedule. In other word we can say AI analyses the buying behavior of millions of consumers which also helps the supermarkets to predict what families want daily/weekly. This automatically informs the inventory management systems, to maintain optimum level of stocks of those specific products scanned by AI.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Inducement – A strategy for enhancement of Team effectiveness

Inducement of team members as an educational leader means employing the strategies to maintain
teaching-learning productivity and keep teachers focused to their best for the educational climate.
Inducement is a key factor associated success of an educational institution and an educational
leader play a pivotal role for that. Providing Inducement encourage team member to work hard
and trigger them to excel in their duties. Inducement not only yields positive energy to the team
members but it also creates a pleasant, relaxed and enjoyable environment in an educational
institution. Set realistic expectations for all team members it means your standards must ne are
high enough to motivate team members to do their best work, but not so high that team members
will be frustrated in trying to meet those expectations. Team members must feel the educational
leader must be caring and supportive. When team members realize that they are able to
communicate with their leader, this communication fuels a desire for Inducement. Whenever you
identify a team member’s weakness, make it clear that your comments relate to a particular task
or performance, not to the team member as a person. Try to cushion negative comments with a
compliment about aspects of the task in which that team member is performing well.
Following are some Inducement Skills for required by an Educational leader for Team effectiveness
1. Motivate teachers and students by projecting a positive attitude.
2. Aware teachers with clear goals and objectives that helps to eliminate confusion.
3. Try to praise and provide guidance to teachers that have a significant influence over morale and
4. Provide all the resources and infrastructure so that they work exceptionally well.
5. Organize meetings because collective wisdom and involvement of the whole team help to solve
educational related issues.
6. Trust teachers to perform well and support them with whatever they need to make them even
7. Give compliments regarding teacher’s their good qualities and work.
8. Try to assign duties according to teacher’s goals, aspirations, and interests.
9. Try to strengthen relationships with teachers listen their suggestions, ideas, problems and issues
as well as talking about performance issues and their work.
10. Try to resolve any conflicts existing between two teachers along with teachers with students
Without a doubt, Inducement is a key aspect of the whole educational
process. It is an important aspect of team’s achievement, a commitment to perform with the best
and possible way.

Friday, 15 March 2019


Wanderlust is a German word which means a strong desire to travel and explore the world. This term was first used in English in the year 1902. The term originates from the German words wander (to hike) and lust (desire). In the early 20th century, this term was against the societal status and was seen as a mark of indecency, but the modern day world sees it in extreme optimism.
Wanderlust is present in almost all individuals of this world. The percentage may differ from persons to persons, but a bit remains in all. This is necessary as travelling helps people to cope up with the daily pressure and stress.
India is a land of diversity and it has lots of places to travel in every direction, be it East, West, North or South. It is guarded by the Himalayas in the North and the Indian Ocean in the South. It has the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea in the South-East and South-West direction, making it almost a perfect travelling destination for people around the world. There are many places in the world to travel, but India is the most sought tourist destination for people around the world.
I would like to share the experience I had while travelling to Ooty in December 2018. As its already known that India is a land of diversity, it is diverse in every aspect, be it society or culture or cuisine. We all eat South-Indian cuisines in Delhi or various places in North India or East India, but when one goes to Tamil Nadu, the total taste changes. Ooty Coffee House, which was established in the 1960s serve all these authentic South-Indian cuisines along with filter coffee which will make you refreshed at any time of the day. If one considers the scenic beauty, the height is around 7000 feet above the sea level and the environment is misty all throughout and a sensation is felt inside all the time. Seriously our country is incredible in terms of all these things.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Health & Fitness


These days the people of our society eat so much junk food because it is available much easier and faster . The new trend which is prevailing in market now a days is  to order food from an application that delivers the items in just 30 or 40 minutes at your doorstep. Most people think that it is not easy to be healthy and fit, but on the contrary it is not that much difficult  to be healthy and fine.
As this suggests a healthy person can do more work than an unfit or unhealthy person do. But we on the other hand do the opposite; we think that if we eat all thinks in access we become strong. Because of the lifestyle in which we are in, we have to be very picky about what we eat, because our eating habits may lead us to the state of unhealthy body which leads to unhealthy mind.
 Most of the diseases in today’s world are based on lifestyle or we can say based on the stress and food we eat. Like we all know that smoking is injurious to our health but still we all smoke and the reason behind is to be said is stress. 
So we all should understand that it is good to be a healthy and fit not for us but for the sake of our family. So it is good to ignore some of the thing that harm our life. Fitness is not just about going to the gym and exercising full day long but it is more than that. It is also about happiness from within and an overall well-being (mental,physical,emotional) of any individual. As rightly said,
Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work.”