Focus of Budget 2018-19 Focus of Budget 2018-19 The key focus of the Budget 2018-19 is on strengthening the rural economy and reviving up growth in the rural sector. To that end a slew of measures have been announced in the Budget which among other include higher MSPs for kharif crops, upgradation of rural haats to give farmers better access to formal mandi, increase in institutional farm credit, new funds for Fisheries and Animal Husbandry sectors, more fund for re-structured National Bamboo Mission fund, allocation for deprived irrigation districts, extension of the facility of Kisan Credit Cards to fisheries and animal husbandry farmers to help them meet their working capital needs. All these measures would transform rural India in a big way. For the benefit of lower and middle class the measures like increase in loans to Woman Self Help Groups, higher targets for Ujjwala, Saubhagya in providing free LPG connections, electricity and toilets have been announced.  These meas

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Private versus Public Banks

  The young generation of India always prefers services of private banks whereas their parents mostly prefers public sector bank. Why there is a difference? A simple question was asked to a youth regarding their choice of bank.   The reply was, we don’t have time for unwanted paper work and other formalities required in public sector banks when we are getting all these services on the click of the button and at the ease of the usage by private banks. Complex procedures of banking always bothered us since childhood. Why People should stand in a queue for hours for getting services? Why there are complex forms for depositing a cheque or for issuing a draft? What is the concept of different color slips opting for different services? Why one would go for public banks when private banks are exploring new ways and techniques for making banking services friendliest and easiest. The above statement of the young boy shows that customers need are changing rapidly and required change in ol


  A successful business not always needs a impressive, innovative or attractive business idea. A very common business idea can also be converted into a profitable venture. But that definitely needs a impressive, innovative and skilful entrepreneur. We all believe that the age group of young adults is the best age to imbibe entrepreneurial skills but, on the contrary, this believe is not fully acceptable. Rather inculcating the entrepreneurial skills at the earlier stages of childhood is always appreciated to have that skills grow with the growth of the child over the years. The youngsters today are all surrounded by the businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to roadside street food shops. All are in the form of running business only. If we all think deeply, each and every parent come across this question during the childhood days of their children, where children ask why we are paying money to get toys, why parents are going to office, why school need fees for education and


Past one year has been troublesome for all of us, at both, individual and professional level. As an educator it was endlessly tiring for all of us to deal with an entirely new facet of education. We were using online tools earlier also but not up to this extent. We have been left with no option with switching to online mode completely which was an entirely new experience for all of us. It was tiring not only for us but also for students. Online tools are effective only when they complement the offline classes.   The classes through these online platforms have provided a new paradigm to the education world today as it provides various opportunities to the students like attending the classes from distance area, maintain social distancing which is very much required in this pandemic situation.   Although, these classes provide a better way to learn but on the other hand, due to these classes only the overall development of the student is been hampered too.   Due to these classes,

The disruption's disruption

  ‘The best companies in the world never get nostalgic, they evolve’- Shawn Kanungo Change is inevitable and in today’s fast paced markets getting disrupted is not a possibility, it is given. Many famous brands/ business models which existed for so long are nowhere today. Sooner or later some Oyo, Treebo, Delhivery or Practo might disrupt the market and may change the way things work in their segment. Disruption is not bad, provided, you are doing it to yourself (Cannibalization, in other words). Though it’s not easy and it demands hell lot of resources but it is highly recommended. Companies are required to work tirelessly and continuously redefine themselves and their brands and products. Failing to which can be fatal like what happened to Nokia and Blockbuster and many other companies. Disruption can never be a one-time deal. Companies must think over and over again to enhance value for its customers. Displacing the incumbent once is not end of the game. Skype disrupted the way

Hand of God

  Covid-19 situation has made it impossible for people to be present for one another. We have been severely dependent on technology for making our loved ones feel that we are there for them since at least the last one year. On one hand is the positive aspect of it. We can see it from the angle that we even in such a situation got to celebrate each other’s happiness and share each other’s sadness via video calls and other ways. But it really needs to be given a thought that for how long can one really be devoid of human touch and still not lose their sanity? For how long can technology truly replace a hug? Can one’s health condition really start improving quickly even when there is no loved one around to take care of them? The rate at which the Corona virus is spreading has made it even difficult for us to now think about being around each other. There are people who are ill, hospitalized and cannot have their loved ones around them. An example regarding the same recently went viral f

Topic- Ineffectiveness of Sexual Laws In India vis a vis Human Rights

  Nowadays sexual offences have become a common parlance in India. Every single day as we wake up, our eyes get glued to some horrifying and gruesome crimes news against women especially rape. Rape is not only a crime or violence but also a life-threatening act in which there is an eminent fear of humiliation and losing self-respect. The assault is not only on women but also to her family and community. The people who commit such crimes are generally psychologically sadistic and they always have a tendency of committing such a crime very often.   In India there is a long time debate over the amendment of rape laws especially after the infamous Nirbhaya Case. Even though there is some new laws that have been incorporated in different statutes but still the situation haven’t changed yet. Day by day the sexual offences are increasing at a very alarming rate and many a times the criminals get an edge as because even today there are plenty number of cases which go unreported due to societ