Focus of Budget 2018-19 Focus of Budget 2018-19 The key focus of the Budget 2018-19 is on strengthening the rural economy and reviving up growth in the rural sector. To that end a slew of measures have been announced in the Budget which among other include higher MSPs for kharif crops, upgradation of rural haats to give farmers better access to formal mandi, increase in institutional farm credit, new funds for Fisheries and Animal Husbandry sectors, more fund for re-structured National Bamboo Mission fund, allocation for deprived irrigation districts, extension of the facility of Kisan Credit Cards to fisheries and animal husbandry farmers to help them meet their working capital needs. All these measures would transform rural India in a big way. For the benefit of lower and middle class the measures like increase in loans to Woman Self Help Groups, higher targets for Ujjwala, Saubhagya in providing free LPG connections, electricity and toilets have been announced.  These meas

Battered women syndrome: A need for recognition under the Indian Criminal Law

  INTRODUCTION-  Any psychological turmoil is often a bunch of clinical signs and side effects which are related with one another and frequently connected with a specific sickness. Condition be it of any kind prompts different physical and mental ineptitudes. Barely any Syndromes are hereditary; mostly others are a consequence of a steady improvement in mental pressure when passed on untreated prompts serious emotional wellness issues. There is no fix; just the personal satisfaction can be worked on by taking additional consideration and preparing the person to perform everyday fundamental exercises. The genuine reason for the advancement of a Syndrome is caused because of unusual cell divisions. However, most kinds of Syndromes are relieved and are explored upon to an extremely enormous degree one such Syndrome is as yet attempting to find its place as far as better comprehension by the Courts and in particular by the general public we live in. BATTERED WOMEN SYNDROME- One of the sign

Nomination for the Post of Member of Parliament and State Legislature

  In India to conduct general election for the post of Member of Parliament and state legislature there is four steps-  Nomination Campaigning Poll Result Nomination: Nomination is the first process of conducting election, by which one person formally offers oneself as a candidate for any effective office i.e member of parliament or state legislature, which is subscribed by proposers (electors).   Under section 30 of Representation of People Act, 1951(RP Act) as soon as the notification for calling election is issued, the ECI appoint the last date of making nomination, the date for the scrutiny of nomination, the last date for the withdrawal of candidature and the date of poll. Law provides total 8 days for making nomination, start from election notification and the last date for making nomination. No nomination can be filled on any public holiday during the period of Nomination. Under section 31 of RP Act, 1951, the returning officer shall give public notice of the intended election t

PIL: Guidelines to prevent its misuse

  Public Interest prosecution "PIL" is case recorded to safeguard the Public or Social Interest. Any matter which influences the Public at Large can be helped by recording this request in a Court of Law. The saying "PIL" has been taken from American Jurisprudence wherein poor are being furnished with legitimate portrayal in a Court of Law. PIL is documented in a courtroom not by the wronged party but rather by any open lively individual or by the court of its own movement. That is the reason it is otherwise called Social Action Litigation. The said articulation "PIL" isn't characterized anyplace in any rule. The said power can be summoned by the High Court or by the Supreme Court under Article 32 and 226 of the Constitution of India 1950. The primary article behind engaging this Petition is to give "Equity to All". This Concept emerges out of the Concept of Judicial Activism. Public Interest Litigation is utilized to safeguard the interest of


  Starting a new journey after two years of pandemic is like, Entering to new era of work. As we know that life is unpredictable, we can just make some assumption for future work. Everyone is facing new challenges and continued uncertainty. As a team leader, people have to be a strategic thinker, who always looking at the future to ensure that organization meet success. An analysis by Harvard Business review showed that frequency with which CEO’s have been make discussion about issues of equity, fairness and inclusion has increased by 658% since 2018. This is become a serious issue if we ignored or not handled well. It can be translated into other issues like, lost productivity, workplace conflict, increased turnover, increased workload, etc. that increased or amplify stress that has negative impact on workers mental health. According to recent studies and data, it is estimated that 52% of workers have some fear and concern about returning to workplace after the pandemic. 73% of worker

Our Environment: The Basis of Earth Existence

  Nature and man are vital to each other. The Survival of man can’t be imagined without the nature. Nature to the extent that Hindi language suggests - Prakriti is involved two words – Pra and Kriti. Pra implies (predominant/best) and Kriti implies creation. Nature is the best making of God. Creation comes from nature and nature creates the life. Prakriti implies the embodiment of which the world is the outcome. Toward the day's end, the whole universe has been made ordinarily itself. There are two sorts of nature - normal nature and human instinct. Regular nature comprises of five components - earth, water, fire, air and sky. Human nature involves mind, brain and mental self-view. There is an extremely cozy connection among nature and man. There could be no greater instructor for man than nature. Earth is the mother structure. Nature is the thing which can sustain life. Earth is considered as a mother for all living being. Nature is the image of nourishment. Nature itself satisfie


  INTRODUCTION The internet, like every other technology in history, had its benefits and drawbacks. The founding fathers had no idea that their product would one day be utilised to injure and destroy someone. Various harmful things are occurring in cyberspace today. "Every activity and reaction that takes place in cyberspace has legal and cyber legal implications." The term "cyberlaw" refers to legal matters that arise in cyberspace. It is a synthesis of many laws designed to address and overcome the concerns and challenges that humanity faces on the internet every day.Because cybercrime is still an emerging topic, there is currently no comprehensive law in place to address it anywhere in the world. However, the Government of India has the Information Technology Act, 2000 in place to govern dangerous online actions that infringe an internet user's rights. The pandemic in 2020 pushed most of the world to take up the culture of work from home. This meant that mos