Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Surgical Strike 2.0

Pakistan gets a reasonable message from India that facilitating fear based oppressors and organizing dread assaults will demonstrate expensive. The pre-emptive Indian Air Force strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir that have hit camps of Jaish-e-Mohammed and alternative dread outfits can send a solid message to our unpleasant neighbor.
After the obnoxious Pulwama assault that executed more than 40 CRPF jawans, Pakistan had tried India's understanding by doing nothing to destroy ISI's dread framework.
With the 2016 Uri careful strike and the present IAF strike, India has made it plentifully obvious to Pakistan that it will hit back rapidly and force costs. Given that the two nations have atomic weapons Pakistan will do well to think about the dangers of unnecessary incitement. The endeavor to drain India through fear will from this time forward have more repercussions for Pakistan. Questions are being gotten some information about how in a rehash of the Abbottabad strike by United States, IAF could enter and leave Pak region without being tested.
After the strike, Indian remote secretary Vijay Gokhale struck a deliberate tone when he called attention to that India was constrained to enter Pakistan to pre-empt another assault on Indian soil for which arrangements were hatching. The Indian side likewise focused on that it took consideration to stay away from regular citizen setbacks and this was a task focusing on psychological oppressors and not Pakistan army bases. Having achieved its strategic objectives, India must stay careful against a heightening with Pakistan powers. Security on fringe towns must be fixed and increasingly universal weight must be presented as a powerful influence for Pakistan to disassemble its dread offices.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019


Good listening is the ability to understandinformation given by the speaker, and show the interest in the topic on which the speaker is talking.  It also includes giving feedback to the speaker, such as the asking of admissible questions so speaker knows the message is being understood by the audience.
Good listening skills is the talent that a every person must develop to be successful in our life. Listening skills is very important for effective communication between the individuals. Distractions may lead to the ineffective communication. These distractions may involve one of the following reasons:
  • Daydreaming
  • Thinking about some another topic
  • Lack of interest
To overcome these Distractions and to make conversation successful: -
Listen to the speaker carefully,so as to develop interest in the speaker thoughts.
  • Firstly, eye contact needs to be made with the speaker. Secondly,nonverbal signals should be sent, in order to make the speaker understand that the listener is engaged in the conversation.
  • It is also very important that the speaker should feel that the audience is keeping interest in the speaker’s point of view.So, make use of receptive language so that the speaker is comfortable discussing his/her point of view.
  • Finally, concentrate on the point of view of the speaker. Since everyone can have a different opinion or thinking process. Listening to people about a particular point enables you to understand the situation from their point of view. Hence, you may consider more facts before you draw any conclusion.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Factors contributing to the substantial growth of Indian E commerce and impact of E commerce on customer buying behavior’

E-Commerce is not a new buzzword for Indian customers but in the last 4-5 years Indian e-commerce market witnessed exponential growth like never before and this seems to be just a mere beginning. E-Commerce implies sales and purchase of goods and services online, or funds transfer over an electronic network, mainly internet. These transactions could be on any nature:
·         Business-to-business
·         Business-to-consumer
·         Consumer-to-consumer (OLX etc.)
·         Consumer-to-business.
From development of first online selling system developed by Michael Aldrich in 1979 to global e-commerce sales reaching around US$ 2842 million, e-commerce has came so far. Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) estimates Indian e-commerce to be worth US$ 188 billion by 2026 [An estimated US$ 12 billion market (in terms of Gross Merchandise Value), 2016]. Considering increasing mobile penetration, low internet charges and changing consumer buying patterns this seems to be an achievable figure. Indian e-commerce market sales are lead by consumer electronics followed by apparels segment. Electronics is currently the largest segment in e-commerce in India with a share of 47 per cent and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 43 per cent by 2020. The apparel segment has the second highest share of 31 per cent in the e-commerce retail industry. Products like food and groceries which were not considered a commodity to be traded online has also made their space in the recent past and are expected to grow in future as well and this growth is not confined to metropolitan or tier-1 cities, in fact a whole lot of e-commerce sales come from tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Easy access to information also contributed a lot to the growth of e-commerce market.
Key Factors that contributes positively to the growth of E-Commerce
·         Low acquisition cost
·         Convenience
·         Value added Services: cash on delivery, easy returns, refunds
·         Low data access costs
·         Increasing no. of internet users
In the beginning factors like changing customer dynamics and internet penetration were believed to be the core reason for the emergence and substantial growth of Indian e-commerce. But over the time, e-commerce became so impactful that now it is altering consumer buying behavior. E-commerce seems to grow for sure but the growth factors may not be the same as before. Traditional brick and mortar model seems to be losing the stage. It won’t go away, but its total share in overall sales will fall down for sure. E-commerce, being in its nascent stage grew slowly in the first few years but, both, the growth and pace of growth has been outstanding in the last few years and will only go up.
Morgan Stanley report stated that two third of the e-commerce sales growth happened because of new customer rest happened due to rise in purchases by the existing customers. Currently, there are 1-1.2 million transactions per day in e-commerce retailing and it seems to be only growing in the years to come.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Income Tax Slab 2019-20: Know what was your budget decisions related to earning

After all, the government broke the tradition. In the interim budget, some of these announcements have been made which create confusion once and for all; it is not a complete budget.
Interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal once again went ahead with his achievement on Direct Tax during the budget speech. Then it seemed that there is nothing in the government's pitches for the middle class. But at the end, Piyush Goyal again raised the issue of direct tax and began to declare.
What is the discount?
Piyush Goyal has not made any changes to the income tax slab. However under the 87 (A) government the government has decided to give rebate. This means that if someone's taxable income is up to Rs 5 lakhs, he will not have to pay any tax. That is, if your total taxable income is Rs 6 lakh and you have invested Rs 1 lakh in 80 C, then no tax will be required on the remaining 5 lakh taxable income remaining.
Although, if your taxable income is more than Rs. 5 lakhs then this tax slab is like last year. Apart from this, the government has also increased standard deduction from Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000. Listening to the budget, it was realized that Lok Sabha elections are going to take place in the next few months.
Tax free interest
The government has also given relief in the interest received from post office and bank FD. Now the TDS will not be deducted from the post office and bank interest upto Rs 40,000. Although the amount of interest will be added to your taxable income and it will be taxed on it. However, in the Savings Account, the interest up to Rs 10,000 is tax-free as before.
What is the discount on rent?
Piyush Goyal has also given exemption on earnings from the rent. Earlier, TDS did not think of earning up to Rs 1.80 lakh. Now the limit has been increased to 2.40 lakh rupees. Also another rebate has been given. So far if you have two houses. One is renting and the other is empty. Even at the empty house at the nominal amount one amount was added to your taxable income. But now it will not happen. Now if you do these shows that your house is empty then it will be considered empty.
Advantage in gratuity
This budget has brought a special relief to those employed. Gratuity amounts have also been increased with income tax deduction. The government has increased the amount of tax free gratuity by Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh to Rs 30 lakh. That is, no tax will be given on the gratuity upto Rs 30 lakhs now.
Discount in Capital Gain Tax
Capital gains tax on sale of property under Section 54 of Income Tax has been changed. Earlier, selling a house or land, it was exempted from capital gains tax for buying a second house within a set time. Now, if you buy one property and buy two houses then this discount

Monday, 15 April 2019

5 Style Essentials For Professional Men On-The-Go

If you spend a lot of time traveling for work, then you need a number of essentials to help you deal with the demands of everyday life no matter where you are. Every working man should have both bags and accessories to depend on for his daily commute and occasional business trip. Because busy professionals don’t always have time to filter through every fashion trend, let’s go over some necessities that working men can use on-the-go.

Here are 5 style essentials for professional men looking to travel in style.

1.    A Leather Briefcase - A classic leather briefcase is a staple every professional man should consider. Because leather briefcases for men come in a range of colors, and sizes, you should choose the right bag for you with features suited to your lifestyle. Do you have a lot of paperwork or vital documents to carry? Consider a bag that expands and features a lock. Do you travel often? What about any electronics you may need on the road. Be sure to invest in a quality bag that has pockets and compartments to store everything you need with efficiency and ease.

2.    A Luxury Watch - A well-made watch is another style essential that any professional man should invest in. Like quality briefcases, many luxury men's watches come from established brands. So, you should select a timepiece that fits your lifestyle and day-to-day attire. If you’re in a more dressed-down workplace, consider a more casual watch with an analog face and brown leather straps. Or, if you’re typically in more corporate settings that demand a suit and tie, an elegant full-metal option in a subtle gold or silver can add a distinguished air to any professional look you have in mind.  

3.    A Messenger Bag - As its name implies, the messenger bag was originally designed for postal workers and couriers who needed easy access to goods they were delivering. Since the mid-2000’s, messenger bags have experienced a resurgence as professional men across the world required bags that could carry their electronic devices and daily essentials easily. Like watches, you should consider how a messenger bag coordinates with your overall style. If your “dressed up” look consists of khakis or dark jeans paired with rolled-up sleeved button down shirts, a more rugged, utilitarian canvas bag is the way to go. However, if you’re wearing a suit most of the time, consider a classically styled messenger bag in a polished black, brown, or cordovan leather.

4.    A Zip-Up Padfolio - With so many men needing a range of electronics on a daily basis, a leather zip-up padfolio is another great essential to have on hand. In addition to toting around tablets, zip-up padfolios help you keep your valuables safe and secure. Some also have the capacity to hold documents, pens, electronics and more. Coordinate your padfolio with your briefcase and messenger bag, and be sure to select one that fits within your commuter bag easily.

5.    A Double-Fold Wallet - A handy double-fold wallet is something any working man needs regardless of day-to-day workplace dress codes or personal tastes. Though modern payment methods include smartphone apps and other forward-looking tech solutions, many men still carry a range of credit and debit cards, rewards cards, IDs, as well as paper bills. To carry all of those conveniently, double-fold wallets are still an all-time favorite.

These 5 style essentials for professionals blend style and convenience. With an eye for function and form, any man can easily select his go-to’s easily. So, whether you’re jet-setting across the world to land new clients or you need day-to-day accessories that can weather any commute, be on the lookout for accessories to make your travels a little more smoothly. 

Friday, 12 April 2019

Reclosing relays

Reclosing relay are applied in distribution circuits, to reclose a circuit breaker, one, two, or three times after the circuit has been tripped by the protective relays. Many a time, the faults on the overhead distribution and transmission systems are of temporary nature and the power can be restored through reclosing. The relay has a timer setting, the first reclosing can be instantaneous or time delay, and one complete cycle may be adjustable between some timing limits such as 15–150 s. The relay can be adjusted to reset after a successful re-closer. On unsuccessful reclosing, the close and trip circuits are locked out and an alarm is sounded. With high-speed reclosing, the circuit breaker closing time is compared with the drop out time of the protective relays that initiate a trip out. The protective relays that tripped the breaker in the first instance must open their contacts before the circuit breaker recloses; otherwise, the breaker will be tripped again even if the fault is cleared. The breaker closing circuit must be pump-free. In modern protective schemes, discrete relays will be rarely used. This feature can be programmed based on the timers and the trip and close logic.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Automobile makers are starting to consider hydrogen as fuel

Vehicle producers are beginning to think of hydrogen-fueled autos. This innovation is said to be the answer for a greener air and condition. Today, there are vehicles running on hydrogen energy units while this bottomless component, hydrogen is likewise used to create power.
First concocted in 1838 and after that later utilized by NASA to control space transports and rockets, an energy unit utilizes fuel source and either air or water to deliver power. This can be utilized to give electrical vitality to structures and different structures. Since it has numerous utilizations, it is being considered as a power hotspot for what's to come. Regardless of its advantages, there are likewise negative impacts that are evident with the utilization of hydrogen power devices. Give us a chance to talk about the opposite sides of this vitality source.
Merits of Hydrogen Fuel
1. Carbon-discharge Free
Advocates for the utilization of hydrogen energy units place that not at all like different wellsprings of intensity; these power devices don't discharge unsafe carbon outflows noticeable all around that reason contamination and influence a worldwide temperature alteration. despite the fact that the synthetic procedure includes consuming hydrogen, it radiates water, heat and different outflows yet not carbon. The synthetic response among hydrogen and water does not deliver contamination but rather, discharges power to be utilized in different applications.

2 .Available and Clean
One of the upsides of utilizing hydrogen as a vitality source is its being promptly accessible. Since it is viewed as the least difficult components, its supply in the climate is rich. What's more, despite the fact that it may enjoy time to reprieve down the mixes and separate them, its being abundant and effectively available compensate for the time it takes to finish the procedure. Besides, the final product is a spotless and ground-breaking wellspring of vitality.

3. Significance in Science and Technology
Hydrogen energy components have numerous applications and are being utilized by ventures, hardware, bikes, vehicles and NASA. Hydrogen fuel is utilized to dispatch space transports, making it a huge factor in science and innovation. Truth be told, NASA has been utilizing hydrogen gas for a considerable length of time and had utilized power modules as an elective vitality source along other energy component types, for example, methane and hydrogen peroxide. Being a non-poisonous substance and condition inviting, it has numerous utilizations rather than other fuel types.

4. Sustainable power Source
Hydrogen is the most inexhaustible component known to man. Thusly, it winds up one of the sustainable wellsprings of vitality like sun based vitality originating from the sun. Not at all like constrained vitality sources like petroleum derivatives and atomic vitality saves, vitality originating from hydrogen turns into a down to earth and noteworthy elective vitality.

5. Eco-friendliness
Because of the way that hydrogen is equipped for creating more vitality per pound of fuel when contrasted with gas and diesel, it turns out to be more eco-friendly. Autos controlled by hydrogen energy components can run a bigger number of miles than cars that run utilizing gas and sun based fueled vehicles. With regards to ignition innovations, plants that are fueled by customary burning techniques just produce around 33 to 35 percent of vitality. Then again, when hydrogen energy units are utilized in assembling plants, power delivered can reach up to 65 percent. Also, fuel utilization is chopped down to half with the utilization of power modules. This is on the grounds that vehicles utilizing hydrogen cells just utilize 40% to 60% of the vitality created by the fuel just as work discreetly and less moving parts.
De-Merits of Hydrogen Fuel
1. Nitrogen Dioxide Emission
Pundits of hydrogen energy units contend that despite the fact that these cells don't produce carbon in the wake of consuming, they give out nitrogen dioxide and different outflows. Nitrogen dioxide is a lethal gas can even now be hurtful when ingested by people. Specialists say talk regarding the dangers of respiratory issues, for example, lung edema from introduction with deadly portion notwithstanding for a brief timeframe. In addition, it can likewise diminish lung work.
2. Capacity Issues
Aside from setting aside much effort to isolate the mixes of hydrogen, this component is likewise a test to move and transport. Contrasted with oil which can be diverted through pipelines and coal which can be moved to one area to another utilizing truck, transporting hydrogen can be costly. This is one clear mishap of this component since capacity and transport can be viewed as illogical.
3. Surprising expense
Besides spending a great deal of cash to transport hydrogen, the time it brings to separate its components makes the procedure costly also. This is likewise one reason why half and half vehicles are additionally exorbitant. For whatever length of time that no different alternatives are connected to make the procedure quicker and simpler, hydrogen as power devices will stay to be expensive. Furthermore, most vehicles being made are as yet fueled with ordinary vitality source like gas and diesel. Changing over these effectively made autos into hydrogen-controlled vehicles will require a great deal of work and cash.
Doubters have communicated worries on the security of utilizing hydrogen power devices in vehicles and different applications in light of the dread of blast particularly in higher focuses. Despite the fact that researchers have tried it a few times, they don't decide out that this component is combustible. In the event of flame, hydrogen fire isn't found in light, making it perilous for firemen who will react to the occurrence. This worry is likewise put on fluid hydrogen. Being dreary and unscented, inward breath and ingestion is conceivable without being seen and if this occurs, suffocation can happen to individuals who are in a region without legitimate or no ventilation.
5. Environmental Change Aggravation
Individuals who are not for utilizing hydrogen as vitality source call attention to that regardless of whether it can emerge out of oil and water, it likewise originates from petroleum products, especially in modern applications. Therefore, carbon dioxide is likewise transmitted noticeable all around and aggravates an unnatural weather change. In spite of being inexhaustible, regardless it needs non-renewable energy sources to be changed to hydrogen fuel.
Innovation is to be sure an aid to humanity and the creation of hydrogen energy components is one of the signs. Be that as it may, there are likewise misfortunes to utilizing this elective vitality source. Maybe, with persistent research, the quantity of its points of interest can exceed its impediments.