Focus of Budget 2018-19 Focus of Budget 2018-19 The key focus of the Budget 2018-19 is on strengthening the rural economy and reviving up growth in the rural sector. To that end a slew of measures have been announced in the Budget which among other include higher MSPs for kharif crops, upgradation of rural haats to give farmers better access to formal mandi, increase in institutional farm credit, new funds for Fisheries and Animal Husbandry sectors, more fund for re-structured National Bamboo Mission fund, allocation for deprived irrigation districts, extension of the facility of Kisan Credit Cards to fisheries and animal husbandry farmers to help them meet their working capital needs. All these measures would transform rural India in a big way. For the benefit of lower and middle class the measures like increase in loans to Woman Self Help Groups, higher targets for Ujjwala, Saubhagya in providing free LPG connections, electricity and toilets have been announced.  These meas

Which are the best colleges in Greater Noida for BCA

  JIMS Greater Noida  JEMTEC offers a strong computer application curriculum that focuses on both theoretical and practical aspects of the field. The institute offers field-related training and internship opportunities with leading companies. Students are encouraged to participate in tech festivals, coding competitions and workshops to improve their skills. The campus's modern infrastructure, including state-of-the-art computer labs and collaborative schools, supports an immersive educational experience. It also encourages students to participate in research projects, hackathons and technology clubs that promote a holistic understanding of the subject. With an emphasis on well-rounded education, it ensures that students are fully equipped to meet the challenges of the technology industry. Bennett University Bennett University's BCA program is designed to combine the fundamentals of computer science with emerging technologies. The university emphasizes hands-on learning through

Career options available for after BCA

 The undergraduate Bachelor of Computer Applications programme offers professional students expanding job opportunities as these programmes continue to gain popularity. BCA graduates can choose from a variety of rewarding employment options as more and more sectors see the necessity for tech-related roles. A notably famous and attractive career option that students find interesting to choose is Web development. With their expertise in web programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, BCA graduates can create appealing and functional websites. They can work as front-end developers, responsible for designing and implementing the user interface of websites, or as back-end developers, handling the server-side development and database integration. Due to their deep understanding and proficiency with programming languages like C++, Python, and and Java, BCA professionals frequently choose careers in software development, which is another exciting career option. BCA graduates are wel


 Legal profession in India is at its highest peak. The Indian legal profession is one of the largest in the world, with over 1.4 million enrolled advocates nationwide. According to the reports, Law graduates are highly in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there are approximately 46,000 job openings for lawyers during the time frame of a year. Many reports suggest that India is one of the countries that venerate law as a subject and profession a lot. A well organised, inclusive and effective legal profession is the need of the hour to administer justice effectively.In this age of technology and artificial intelligence, definition, nature of crime as well as mode, manner of completion of crime are also changing and understanding of investigation,trial, punishment and sentencing are also evolving. A second year student once inquired as she was fascinated about the laws etc. on protection of women and had shared what will be the role of a lawyer if the crime rate decreases

A Brief Introduction to B.Com Honours: What You Need to Know

  B.Com (Hons) is a three year undergraduate programme which is more comprehensive than the simple B.Com Programme because of its detailed syllabus which enables the students to develop a good base of financial and accounting knowledge which helps them in qualifying other professional degrees like Chartered Accountants ( C.A.),Company Secretary ( C.S.) , Charted Financial Analyst(C.F.A),   Cost and Management Accountants (C.M.A.), etc. This programme not only focuses upon the finance aspect but also touches upon the concepts of management including Marketing, Human Resources, Organization behaviour, etc which provides them with a blended knowledge and they can correlate the accounting and finance concepts with other important areas of management.   The scope of B.Com (Hons) is very wide as the students can go for jobs in corporate sector or further higher education studies like Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A) or Masters of Commerce (M.Com) after pursuing B.Com (Hons). Many

Career after BBA: Scope, Job Opportunities, Salary and Best Tips

  After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, there are various career paths and opportunities available to you. Here are some insights on the scope, job opportunities, salary prospects, and tips for a successful career after BBA: Scope after BBA: 1. Specialization Options: BBA graduates can specialize in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, International Business, etc. 2. Further Education: Many students opt for postgraduate degrees like MBA, PGDM, etc., to deepen their knowledge and enhance career prospects.  3. Entrepreneurship: BBA graduates can start their own businesses or work in startups. Job Opportunities: 1. Management Trainee: Many companies hire BBA graduates for management trainee programs to groom them for leadership roles. 2. Marketing Executive: Roles in marketing involve market research, brand management, advertising, and promotions.   3. Financial Analyst: Analyzing financial data, preparing reports, and providing ins

10 Exciting Jobs and Career Options after BBA Course

  Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most sought after courses mainly for the students opting commerce at the senior secondary levels of their schooling education.  It is a wonderful juxtaposition of management disciplines that open up several doors of professional opportunities. Some of the most exciting and high paying jobs after BBA are discussed as follows: 1. Management Consultant Management consultants help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. With your solid business acumen and analytical skills, you can work for top consulting firms or as an independent consultant. 2. Financial Analyst Financial analysts assess financial data and trends to provide insights and recommendations to businesses and individuals. Your finance courses in the BBA program will prepare you for this role. 3. Marketing Manager and Digital Marketing Professional As a marketing manager, one will be responsible for developing marketing strategies, managing campaigns, and anal

Best Career Options After BCom(H): What To Do After B Com(H)?

  A BCom degree is no longer sufficient for students studying commerce in the modern world. Finding well-paying employment after earning a B.Com. can be challenging for graduates who have not selected the appropriate courses.After earning a, a degree by itself cannot guarantee a fantastic career. After earning a B.Com. degree, one must pursue a post-graduation programme or professional certificate in order to have a well-established career. After earning a graduate degree in B.Com., students have a variety of job alternatives at their disposal, but not all of them are aware of the various paths leading to successful career establishment.   Career After BCOM: Sector-Wise Categorization   1.   Banking : There are several banking options available to the public sector, such as positions as officials in go vernment banks or in the management, finance, or accounting divisions of businesses. 2. Accounting: There are numerous uses for an accounting career following a Bcom. T