Focus of Budget 2018-19 Focus of Budget 2018-19 The key focus of the Budget 2018-19 is on strengthening the rural economy and reviving up growth in the rural sector. To that end a slew of measures have been announced in the Budget which among other include higher MSPs for kharif crops, upgradation of rural haats to give farmers better access to formal mandi, increase in institutional farm credit, new funds for Fisheries and Animal Husbandry sectors, more fund for re-structured National Bamboo Mission fund, allocation for deprived irrigation districts, extension of the facility of Kisan Credit Cards to fisheries and animal husbandry farmers to help them meet their working capital needs. All these measures would transform rural India in a big way. For the benefit of lower and middle class the measures like increase in loans to Woman Self Help Groups, higher targets for Ujjwala, Saubhagya in providing free LPG connections, electricity and toilets have been announced.  These meas

Cyber security

Cyber security, the term itself is self-descriptive cyber means the systems that are connected to the internet and security means the things that are done to protect anything from attack, danger etc. So collectively cyber security means to protect the systems or any device that are connected to the internet from the external threats like cyber-attack, phishing, malware etc.         Cyber security is a wide term referring to the measures taken by the government and private organizations aimed to protect the data, protection can mainly be bifurcated into three types i.e., hardware, software or an individual whose work is to avoid potential cyber attacks and to keep their organization safe from any data breach. In this digital era, it is very important to secure our data from potential cyber threats. Although cyber attacks can never be stopped, we can only limit their efficacy by following some steps. Every smart phone user needs to understand the importance of selecting a strong pass

Managing Stress: Need of the hour

  We all want to live a healthy and peaceful life with our family and friends.   None in this world want to face the hassle or trouble in their life but still there are many unavoidable situations where we can’t avoid these difficulties in life.   Facing these difficulties doesn’t mean at all these problems are there in one’s individual life only.   Every individual is facing some or the other stress or problem in their personal or professional life.   The dictionary meaning of stress is worry or pressure which is caused due to over-thinking about any problem. I am considering the over-thinking here because there is no problem while facing any hassle or trouble but the problem is in the mind if you are thinking about that particular situation all the time.   Stress is a feeling of emotional imbalance into the mind of any individual.   To avoid the situation of stress, the individual should be emotionally strong.   In case, you find yourself emotionally weak, and you don’t want to

Media Literacy and Education

  Media Literacy is the utmost need of today’s world. It deals with Media literacy education which provides tools to help people develop receptive media abilities to critically analyze messages, provide opportunities for learners to broaden their media experience, and help them be creative in developing their media messages. Creative media helps to develop competence to enhance skills. Critical analysis may include identifying the author, purpose, and point of view, examining construction techniques and styles, examining patterns of media representation, and detecting bias in propaganda, censorship, and news and public affairs programming. Media literacy education can explore how structural features – such as media ownership, or its funding model affect the information presented. The main objective of Media literacy education is to help individuals of all ages develop the questioning habits and skills of expression that they need to become critical thinkers anddevelop effective que

Best Future Jobs and Career Opportunities in Media Field

  In today's time of change, different career options have come before us. There are many such jobs from which you can earn lakhs if you work hard in the right direction. Those who are worried about their careers and are unsure what to do should think about this option and try to take it. There are many such professions that can give you a better future and allow you to earn good money. The number of audiences has grown dramatically in tandem with the growth of communication channels. Journalism is now a prestigious career option for many students in India. Most of the students only take admission in any journalism course to become news readers or reporters. There are so many other opportunities that can be a better career option today and in the future.   Content writing: In today's time, this work is progressing very quickly. Somewhere in the digital world, it is clear that everything is getting confined to the internet. There are many websites on which articles have to be w

English Communication Skills: Key to successful interviews

  “Communication works for those who work at it.” -  John Powell The term Communication comes from the Latin term communicare , which means to share. Communication can be defined as a reciprocation of ideas, insights and information through a variety of mediums which include verbal speech, body language, written documentation, and behavior. The art of appropriate communication plays a vital role on personal and professional fronts. Looking at the professional front, excellent communication skills (spoken and written) help the person achieve laurels and reach the zenith of success. Owing to globalization, English communication skills have gained precedence, and organizations expect their employees to possess excellent spoken and written communication skills. Communication skills have become a dire need for almost every kind of job around the world. Employers can easily determine an interviewee’s candidature by using particular interview questions pertaining to various contexts and s

‘Evidentiary Value of WhatsApp Messages’

  In today's era of information technology the focus of country is on digital India. Use of science and technology by criminals, in commission of crime, is increasing day by day and to deal with such crime and criminals, it is very important that the investigating agencies must be aware and trained about such technologies. Collection of scientific evidence is important aspect of crime investigation, police officers involved in collection of direct evidence, are hardly trained in collection of scientific evidence. Another issue is that there is neither specific guideline of court nor any specific law to deal with scientific investigation. By the Information Technology Act, 2000 certain amendments were done in Indian Evidence Act, 1872 in regard to admissibility of scientific evidence; however that is subject to some condition laid down in the Act. During investigation investigating agencies collect a number of scientific evidence like tape recorded conversation, mobile communication

The Value of Reading in the Contemporary Digital Age

  Within the last four decades or so, none of us could have predicted how the world would evolve. As a result, now we belongs to a world of troublesome and distracting. The  development  in computers and  communication   era  has made  this variation  possible. The  maximum  important  effect  has been that  we've   tons   greater   data  than  we are able to  handle. This has affected our  interest  span, our  capacity  to  in reality   take in  and  examine  what our brains are bombarded with.  This information deluge has left us through a tremendous amount of stress. Our important time is being stolen by the television, internet, cell phones, whatsapp, and mail. We receive knowledge, but not knowledge that is memorable. Such disruptive outcomes have a brief life cycle since the next disruptive thinking phase swiftly replaces them. In this sort of scenario imagination is at the vanguard of all significant activity. First you imagine, then you definitely get an idea, then you de