Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Are Personalized Services plays an important role in delivering Service Excellence?

There was a small fast food restaurant in my locality where I visited alone or with my friends.  I normally avoid going there with family due to its ambience which was not very good. Once, on my anniversary, I was very late from my office and reached home round 11 in night. So we don’t have any other option left than going to that restaurant.  My wife was not happy and I was also feeling guilty. When we entered there, the manager their treated us by our name and wish us anniversary. He offered us a special table. He knows my likes and dislikes and recommends few dishes according to my taste. The staff quickly decorates the restaurant with roses. They also arranged a small cake for us. That day, they treated us as a special guest. We were very happy with the hospitality of the restaurant.  At the time of leaving, owner said that we arranged parties in hotel or even at home for any event. He knows that my daughter birthday is coming up and suggests that they can arrange a good dinner party at the restaurant or even at my home, if we desire. As me and my wife were very happy with the services we got that day, we were agreed to celebrate our daughter birthday in the restaurant.
What happened that day? The restaurant which I normally avoid going with my family, suddenly I decided to celebrate my daughter birthday in it. Actually nothing was changed. But the kind of personalized services provided by it attracts us.
Everyone is looking for personal attention. It gives the feeling of belongingness. Service firms who are best in providing personal services can achieve best customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Friday, 30 November 2018


With the recent death of the American missionary on the isolated Sentinel Island in the Andaman island leaves us to introspect on the various aspect of human behavior;  behavior of the reclusive islanders and the island visitors. The American missionary had intended to visit the island so that he could introduce the indigenous people to Lord Jesus as he believed that the place was fit for “Satan” as Lord Jesus could not reach there.
It leaves us with two questions: The approach to the Sentinel island is fueled by the curious nature to discover and unearth the ‘other’ or is to better the ‘other’?
In both the circumstances there is an inherent sense of abject superiority as a race which is quite similar to the attitudinal behaviors of the colonizers throughout history. In the quest of knowing the unknown or the ‘other’ the community is discovered, invaded, plundered and in turn exterminated. This is a gradual process and does not look oppressive in the beginning as it is often done in in the same breath as that of betterment, development of the closed group/ community.
If we go through the history of the indigenous tribes residing in the Andaman Islands this kind of a pattern can be easily traced. Most of the tribes have been exterminated as the civilized lot would attack, invade and kidnap the tribal people and make them slaves for their benefit. Moreover, a lot of the tribal population has been eradicated due to practices of mass reckless deforestation, spread of alien disease, kidnappings which have been a result of the contact with the outside world.
Before we label the tribal as barbaric, cannibalistic and so on and so forth we need to ask ourselves certain questions. What is the driving force/ emotion behind such expeditions? Are such ‘friendly’ expeditions actually friendly? Why cannot we let the tribal population be and let them thrive in their own nurtured flora and fauna and most importantly that this kind of an enterprise only reeks of a certain burden (read ‘the white man’s burden’) to better the human race assuming a higher and better power position. In conclusion, our portrayal of a civilized world is only a facade if we cannot let the other be.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Climate Justice and International Solar Alliance

Climate change in the 21st century is a matter of grave concern, not only for the developing nations but also for developed nations. The most visible signs of changing climate are the melting glaciers, higher frequency and intensity of hurricanes and cyclones as well as droughts in different parts of the world etc. Climate change doesn’t affect one nation. Rather, humanity as a whole is responsible for bringing it about as well as aggravating it with every passing moment. There is an irony to this entire situation- that is the developing countries are solely blamed for bringing about climate change. In reality, however it’s the developed countries that share a higher burden in the historical level of greenhouse gas production because of their unprecedented levels of economic activity that has made them stand at the highest pedestal of standard of living and per capital income.
In the recent climate change negotiations, Common But Differentiated Responsibility (CBDR), a principle of international environmental law, has been reflected. CBDR means that the countries have to share the burden to address the climate change as per their historical contribution to climate degradation and their respective capacity and technological advancement.Rio Declaration brought forth this principle of CBDR, which has found place in the text of Paris Conference COP 21 in 2015. It was agreed that all the countries will together pursue efforts to keep the temperature rise upto 2 degree Celsius above the pre-industrial levels by 2100.
International Solar Alliance or ISA, a coalition of 121 countries lying between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, has been conceived by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a culmination of efforts by the developing bloc to fight climate change. These are the countries with 300 solar days and spans regions of North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia. ISA seeks to harness solar energy by helping in formulation of supportive policies, development of solar capacities and technological support. Thus, ISA seeks to provide Climate Justice to its member nations. The premise of climate justice is based on the fact that those who are least responsible for climate change suffers its gravest consequences and this needs to be addressed.Whenever the planet faces adverse changes in climate, it is the least privileged and most vulnerable who are affected the most and suffer the greatest damage, and these are the people who have contributed minimally to climate change. ISA seeks to address this injustice through rapid reduction in burning of fossil fuels to meet human needs and replace it with cleaner source of solar energy.
If ISA stands by its objectives, then it would be able to provide climate justice to the member countries and their individuals by replacing fossil fuels with clean energy. That's how the burden of more emissions would be removed from developing nations, and poor and vulnerable citizens of these countries would not have to suffer from adversities of climate change. However, there is a caveat as well- ISA must not shift its focus from individuals of countries to industries of the countries.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Social Media Marketing : Need of the hour

Internet based data media implies the route toward picking up movement or consideration through digital promotion destinations. Online marketing itself is a superlative term for locales that may lead to profoundly extraordinary social activities. For example, Twitter is an web based communication tool aimed at providing an individual or organisation the flexibility of sharing their views with people across the globe on a particular issue of general or personal interest. Facebook on the other hand is an unmitigated individual to individual correspondence site that mulls over sharing updates, photos, joining events and an arrangement of various activities over the globe.
Utilizing hypermedia for special exercises can and is helping associations achieve following targets
           Increased number of visitors on their websites
           Building transformations
           Raising brand mindfulness among masses
           Creating a brand character and positive brand affiliation among people
           Improving correspondence and connection with key gatherings of people
Indeed, stronger and more connected a business is with their target crowd via web based multimedia systems, it is relatively less demanding to accomplish other related marketing objectives! Alike some other normal promoting methodologies, a business firm needs to plan an online marketing procedure to achieve maximum benefits that it has to offer. Arranging the substance for hypermedia is the prime prerequisite towards settling an online limited time methodology. Appropriate research ought to be done in such manner to decipher on the substance to be imparted to target gathering of people as the importance and adequacy of the substance can assume a crucial job in charming point of view of the intended interest group.  
Also the content should be consistent with different territories of web based marketing, content rules with regards to web based advertising. A business firm ought to guarantee post routinely checks and offer truly productive information that their ideal customers will find strong and captivating. The substance that is shared on casual networks like the internet based promotion can consolidate electronic showcasing pictures, chronicles, info graphics, how-to associates and what not!
Using digital marketing for promoting empowers a business firm to extend their image picture over a wide range of internet based marketing stages. . While each stage has its own special exceptional space and voice, the business' focal character, paying little respect to whether it's cheerful, fun, or trustworthy, ought to stay solid.
 Promoting via multimedia systems is an ideal channel for sharing website and blog content with existing as well as potential users / customers. Besides, uncommon blog substance empowers to gather more enthusiasts! It's an astonishing way that content advancing and computerized promoting give preferred standpoint to each other.
Using social media can also help a business gain edge over their competitors. It's constantly vital to watch out for contenders—they can give significant information to watchword look into and other web based marketing advertising understanding. In the event that your rivals are utilizing a specific online networking channel or strategy that is by all accounts working for them, considering doing likewise, however improve!
In this manner, with the end goal to thrive in market in the present aggressive world, a business firm needs to strike a harmony among on the web and disconnected promoting instruments and utilize best of both to accomplish their objectives and guarantee sup portability.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

A visit to Venice of India: Udaipur

The "City of Sunrise," regularly depicted as the most sentimental city in India, was worked around four lakes, the tranquil blue waters reflecting ethereal white royal residences and sanctuaries, past which shine the far off Aravalli Hills. Udaipur was established in 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh II as the last capital of the east while Mewar kingdom, situated toward the southwest of Nagda, on the Banas River, the principal capital of the Mewar kingdom. Legend has it that Maharana Udai Singh II stumbled over a maverick while pursuing in the lower areas of the Aravalli Range.The recluse favored the lord and requested that he manufacture a castle on the spot, guaranteeing him it would be all around ensured. Udai Singh II along these lines settled a living game plan on the site. In 1568 the Mughal sovereign Akbar caught the post of Chittor, and Udai Singh moved the funding to the site of his living arrangement, which turned into the city of Udaipur.
Lake Palace: The Lake Palace was worked in 1743-1746. It is made of marble and is masterminded on Jag Niwas Island in Lake Pichola. It was initially worked as an illustrious summer royal residence, however is presently an extravagance 5 Star lodging, working under the "Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces" standard.

City Palace: Standing on the east bank of Lake Pichola is a monstrous arrangement of castles worked at various occasions from 1559. The shades of the illustrious living arrangement give sweeping viewpoints of the "Jag Niwas". They additionally have perspectives of Jag Mandir on one side and the city of Udaipur on the other. Its primary passageway is through the triple-angled door – the Tripolia, worked in 1725. The manner in which currently prompts a progression of yards, covering parations, patios, halls and greenery enclosures. There is a Suraj Gokhda, where the maharanas of Mewar presented themselves stuck in an appalling circumstance to the overall public to restore assurance. The Mor-chowk (Peacock yard), gets its name from the mosaics in glass enhancing its dividers. The chini chitrashala is important while a progression of divider canvases of Krishna are in plain view in Bhim Vilas. There are various different castles, for example, Dilkhush mahal, Sheesh mahal, Moti mahal and Krishna vilas – in memory of a princess of striking magnificence who harmed herself to deflect a grisly fight for her hand by adversary rulers. Presently the royal residence contains many old fashioned articles, artistic creations, ornamental furniture and utensils and draws in a great many guests consistently.

Fateh Sagar Lake: Fateh Sagar Lake is organized in the north of Lake Picholas.It was initially worked by Maharana Jai Singh in the year 1678 AD, however later on recreated and stretched out by Maharana Fateh Singh after much devastation was caused by overwhelming downpours. In 1993-1994, the water vanished from the lake, however in 2005-2006, the lake recovered its water.

Lake Pichola: Lake Pichola has two islands, Jag Niwas and the Jag Mandir. This lake is 4 km long and 3 km wide, at first worked by Maharana Udai Singh II. There are numerous ghats, similar to the showering and washing ghats, which can be drawn nearer through pontoons from the City Palace of Udaipur (Bansi Ghat). In the core of the lake the Lake Palace stands, which is currently changed over into a legacy castle lodging. The lake remains genuinely shallow notwithstanding amid overwhelming downpours, and gets dry effortlessly in the midst of serious dry season.

Monday, 26 November 2018

AI is beneficial for humanity or not?

When we are talking about Alexa or Siri, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence or AI is software and algorithms which work on computer machines to perform the tasks in a similar ways like humans. AI is basically learnt and solves problems with the help of machines like a human mind. The term “artificial intelligence” was coined in 1955 by John McCarthy, who became one of co-founders and leader of AI research.
The basic benefit of AI is that it replicates actions and decisions of humans without any shortcomings, such as emotion, fatigue and time period. As we know that when we are taking any decision, some how we will take that decisions logically or emotionally. But the robots do not have any emotions and sentiments, so the decisions taken by them are purely logical. Second point is that the chances of error occurred by machines is very Nil related to humans. In our daily life smart phones are the best example of AI; there are so many applications on smart phones which work on the artificial intelligence, such as GPS, Google Assistant. GPS provides you to the shortest and fastest way of your destination from any where. If we are talking about Alexa and Siri, these are the robots which do works just like humans and also like machines. So there are so many benefits of AI in our life. On the other side so many peoples says that AI is dangerous for humanity.
Stephen Hawking says that “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of human race.”

As we know that the Computer Revolution is the main topic in future. This is an important matter in today’s society because it influenced our basic life style and we have become more dependent on the computer machines for every field of our lives.
It has been suggested that robots and super intelligent computers that are constantly excelling may take unplanned independent actions, possibly resulting in out-competing humanity. In future the AI machines are called “advanced human- level intelligence” which creates new and dangerous challenges for humanity- although they help us to provide solutions for other existential risks.
If some one is thinking that we should be able to control the Artificial Intelligence because it is developed by us, but it is wrong. Intelligence is not a tool or technology, once it is developed it will work like a human brain, it starts creating. If the intelligence is more powerful than it can reshape the world around it.
That much extreme level of intelligence would not controlled easily, and would supposedly act to boost their own intelligence, evolving, acquiring more and more resources from the earth. Computers are designed logically and they do not work emotionally.

So the point is that if we lead AI in such a rapid way then one day it will lead humans, and we are also not able to control the intelligence of robots. So the much use of AI is not beneficial for humanity in future.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Rematerialisation and Rematerialisation of Securities in India with reference to the Depositories Act 1996

Before the enactment of Depositories Act, 1996, in Indian security market transaction of securities i.e. allotment of securities and transfer of securities was based on paper based ownership. Movement of securities was possible only in physical form which resulted in delay in settlement and transfer of securities.  Some time it led to bad delivery, theft, forgery etc.  As a result investor was deprived liquidity in security. It was a major drawback of the Indian Securities market.
To pave the way for smooth and free transfer of securities a law was needed for depositories. This Act was enacted to ensure the transferability of securities with speed, accuracy and security. It gives the option to an investor to choose holding of securities in physical form or hold the securities in a dematerialised from a depository.
Parties to Dematerialisation of Securities
Dematerialisation of Securities means conversion of physical securities certificates into digital form.  Under the depository system depositories provide for maintenance of ownership records in a book entry form through Depositories Participants. To understand the process of Dematerialisation of Securities one should know  the meaning of Depositories, Depositories Participant, Issuer, Beneficial Owner, Registered Owner and their role under the depositories Act, 1996. A “depository means a company formed and registered under the companies Act and approved by SEBI by getting a certificate of registration.  A Depository provides services for recording of allotment of securities or transfer of ownership of securities in the record of a depository. Therefore a depository facilitates holding of securities in the electronic form and enables securities transactions to be processed by book entry form through Depositories participant. At present mainly two depositories NSDL, CSDL are working in India.
Depository participant means a person registered under SEBI Act as “Depository participant” (DPs) to act as representative or agent of depository system. DPs work as intermediary between Depository and Investor (Beneficial owner of securities). It maintains the investor’s securities account balance and intimate to him the status of his credit and debit of his securities. An Investor can open the accounts with one or more DPs when a person buys any securities which has depository node. The buyer will become owner of the said security in the depository within a day of settlement being completed. The buyer is not required to apply to the company for registering the security in his name.  According to SEBI guidelines Financial Institution, Bank Custodian, Stock Brokers etc. can become DP of depository.  First Largest DP in India is Stocking Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) registered with NSDL.
Beneficial Owner” means a person whose name is recorded as such with a depository. “Issuer” means any person making an issue of securities. Generally a legal person or company issues the securities to generate fund from the public. Depository is registered in the record of issuer or company as “registered owner.
Procedure of Dematerialisation of Securities
Every person subscribing to securities offered by an issuer shall have an option either to receive the security certificate or hold securities with a depository. Where a person opts to hold a security with a depository, the issuer shall intimate such depository the details of allotment of security and   the depository, on receipt of such intimation, shall enter the name of the allottee in its record as beneficial owner of that security.   
For Dematerialisation of Securities, a depository shall enter into an agreement with one or more DPs as its agent.  Any Investor, who wishes to seek services of a depository, may enter into an agreement with any depository through a DP. Investor shall surrender the certificates of securities for dematerialisation of securities to issuer.  For this Investor shall submit dematerialisation Request Form (DRF) along with the certificate to DP. DP shall transmit DRF electronically to the Depository and send the physical DRF and securities certificates to Company (Issuer). Depository shall intimate the Company about such DRF. Company shall check the authenticity of request and confirm to Depository. Depository shall confirm dematerialisation of securities and request to DP to intimate the Investor. DP shall intimate that Investor’s account is credited with DP. DP shall send the statements of transaction to the investor. Every depository shall register the transfer of securities in the name of transferee on the intimation of DP.
Procedure of Rematerialisation of Securities
Rematerialisation of Securities means conversion of electronic shares into physical share certificate. If any beneficial owner does not want to continue with dematerialisation of securities or seeks to opt out of a depository he shall inform the DP accordingly. For Rematerialisation of Securities beneficial owner shall submit Rematerialisation Request Form (RRF) to DP. DP shall intimate the Depository of such request electronically. Depository shall confirm the RRF to company (Issuer). Company shall update its account and print securities certificate and confirm depository. Depository shall update the account and send the details to DP. DP shall send the intimation to its client about rematerialsation of securities.  Company (issuer) shall dispatch the certificate to the holders thereof.
Advantage of Dematerialisation of Securities
Dematerialisation of Securities eliminates the risk of “bad delivery” means there will be no risk of stealing, risk of theft , risk of forgery, risk of duplicacy because it is in Dmat form, and very easy to debit and credit security. There is no risk or insecurity in holding the security.  Faster delivery, no need of stamp duty in digital form required. No transfer deed required- immediate and instant transfer of securities is possible. Faster credit of non-cash corporate benefit- e.g. bonus share etc. Reduction in high volume of paper documents, safe custody possible (no loss, no tear, no steal). All parties can enjoy the benefit of Dematerialisation of Securities.
As per Depositories Act after dematerialsation of securities, depository shall be registered owner only for the purpose of effecting transfer of ownership of security on behalf of a beneficial owner. Depository will not have any voting right of shareholder or member of a company in respect of securities held by it. Only beneficial owner shall be entitled to all rights and benefits and be subject to liabilities in respect of securities held by a depository.