Tuesday, 19 September 2017


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela
In the lap of globalization, the term ‘Legal Education’ touches multi-dimensional approaches. The Encyclopaedia of education defines legal education as a skill for human knowledge which is universally relevant to the lawyer’s art and which deserves special attention in educational institutions.  The first thing which the lawyer must always bear in mind is that he/she must spiritualize the practice of law for service of country. There are instances of eminent lawyers in all countries who led a life of self-sacrifice, who devoted their brilliant legal talents entirely to the service of their country like Mahatma Gandhi.
Legal education is an integral and invisible part of human dignity. Respect for the sanctity of life and the quest for liberty, equality, prosperity, stability, order and fairness are some of the core values that furnish foundation for the emergence of human rights across all cultures, geographical boundaries and political ideologies. The seeds of this respect are hidden in the legal education. The term ‘legal education’ cannot be understood with determinate set of definitions, as the law cannot be understood without imbibing the social segments into its ambit. The legal education is a human science which furnishes relationship of law with the society. Law maintains social order and equality in a society, by bestowing various rights and privileges on the citizens of the country entwined with fundamental duties. In simple words, legal education is the education in the stream of law. It equips the future lawyers, judges, magistrates, legal councillors and administrators to fashion or refashion the ways of peaceful attainment of social democratic society. The Law Commission of India has also identified legal education as a science which imparts to students, knowledge of certain principles and provisions of law to enable them to enter to the legal profession. The sphinx to legal education is reflected when all legal luminaries can do nothing to bring the cyber space or the world of electromagnetic in the clutches of law. The new millennium has dawned basket of dilemmas before courts; where it is very difficult to apply law of the land in the world of cyberspace. The dragon of cyber terrorism, cyber crimes, cyber attacks; hacking, transnational organised crimes are like ‘old crimes in the new bottles’. The situation of a novice advocate in the galaxy of newly born e-crime is very bewildering. Therefore, it is important that competent legal education must be imparted to young law students which are at their novice’s stage in various law institutes. Legal education must be competent enough to tackle all the upcoming challenges before law.

Key Words: Legal, Education, Cyber Law, Globalisation
Dr. Jay Prakash Yadav
*Professor in Law, JIMS School of Law, Greater Noida, UP

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