Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Great Teacher Must Be..........

A teacher
Great  teachers share knowledge and make learning an enjoyable and effective process focusing on the Three I's'.
Inspiration:   Teachers inspire people to want to learn.
Implementation:  They provide implementation tools that make learning enjoyable ,exciting ,and easy to comprehend.
Integration:   They help people to integrate all they've learned into their daily lives.

A Role Model
Role models are people that we admire ,who we wish to be like and emulate. Teachers can have a profound impact on us if they are inspiring and bring their subject to life . Sometimes we find ourselves talking ,dressing and acting like them in our own lives . Positive models at work, for example ,teach us about things we must do to be successful at work or in life.

A coach
Coaches work with people ( e.g. football players, engineers or therapists) on a daily basis, educating them to upgrade their skills through three steps.
Encouragement to pinpoint areas of strength and build on them.
Equipping people to pinpoint areas where improvement is needed and tackling them .
Enabling people to make success a sustainable way of life.
Good coaches recognize that people have different learning styles. Before communicating knowledge ,they must ask themselves which method ought to be used to put across this knowledge in a way that will be best accepted and implemented.

A Mentor
Mentors are wise and trusted advisors. They have credibility and are willing to pass on their wisdom. Giving an overview of the jungle ,they outline the roads people can follow towards achieving their picture of perfection. Sage-like and street-smart , they share their knowledge in ways that let people achieve greater control on their own lives .
A Leader
Leaders are people who inspire us to do our best ,reaching out to our hearts and minds. They encourage us to focus on values ,achieve clear vision ,and deliver visible results.
A counselor
When people face problems in their personal or professional  lives ,they may choose to take the advice of a counselor. The classic method is to create a warm environment ,practice listening skills and be non-directive. The counsellor sometimes needs only to act as a good listener, and by virtue of encouraging seekers to think independently, gently guides them to realization and resolution.
An Advisor
Advisors are people we seek out to obtain specialist knowledge .Mentors can move into the role of providing advice ,but must be clear, that they are changing the rules of engagement. Positioning what they are about to say ,for example, they can state ,'If it is okay with you ,I am now going to step out of my role as mentor and just give you a straight piece of advice.' Mentors can then apply the same judgment criteria as any professional advisor .Mentors however, must not 'slip into' giving advice without first making it clear with the person on the receiving end.  

A great teacher is , thus , not the man who supplies the most facts, but the one in whose presence we become different people.

Dr. Tandra Sharma

Prof., JIE,JEMTEC ,Greater Noida.

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