Friday, 1 April 2016

A Teacher’s Life -- Less Ordinary

From our first cry to our very last breath, we come across countless people -- some make us smile…., some make us cry…., some inspire us…. and some leave a long lasting impression…… in our lives.
I remember my first teacher for what she was – a patient hearing to my agony and a stern eye for my mistakes, she taught me to stand and walk. Yes --- my first teacher like yours was my mother.
There’s a little bit of teacher in all of us; – as parents; -- as siblings; -- as a spouse; or -- as friends. A teacher inspires, motivates, corrects and incorporate values in us. Being a teacher by profession is not just about teaching but it’s about lifelong learning and it is a realization that each child is different and needs a kind word and appreciation.
“Engineers make Bridges,
Scientists make spaceships,
Doctors make people smile
It’s not just words though, a teacher has to teach by example. A teacher makes the future teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists and managers of the nation. It is easier said than done as the student will learn what you choose to teach and guide. Sandipini, Guru Dronacharaya, Prophet Mohammad, Lord Jesus, Socrates, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan were some of the finest teachers of all times, they have taught and motivated millions.
Every child we teach …, every soul we touch…, every heart we inspire…, will make a difference. Teachers too become attached and sensitive towards their students and responsible to foster them.
The future of today’s students is shaped in the class rooms. Apart from the academic skills they acquire, the communication proficiency and perceptiveness, a teacher inculcates in them a positive attitude. On the other hand, a student will be befitted optimally if and only if a student is open to learning and has respect towards the teacher.
In mythology, after the Ram-Ravana yudh, Lord Sri Rama advised his younger brother Laxman to take a word of learning from an extremely knowledgeable Ravana breathing his last; and learn something which no other person except an erudite Brahmin like Ravana could ever teach him. Lord Sri Rama told brother Laxman that you must stand near Ravana feet for true learning emphasizes that a teacher must be respected. Unless students truly respect their teachers, their learning remains incomplete.
Teachers or not, we all get our fair share of lives to touch. It is up to us, how we chose to make a difference – someone looking at us observing/ learning. We all must know, no matter where you teach…. whom you teach, you are destined to make a difference, ‘coz a TEACHER’S LIFE IS ANYTHING BUT LESS-ORDINARY.

By Prof.(Dr) Rekha Mahajan

JIMS School of Education, JEMTEC, Greater Noida 

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