Thursday, 11 October 2018

Relation between Vedas on Modern Science

Vedas, as considered in modern academia worldwide and also in our country as just a folk tradition and in some part of the world they are still regarded as the highest datum of science and spirituality blended together. Specially in European countries since the dawn of quantum physics, these sacred books of the Hindu religion and culture were taken up very seriously as the superlative degree scientific literature which involved mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, metallurgy, medicine, herbal sciences, aeronautical science, geology, sociology, economics, philosophy and many other subjects in vast expanse in their subsidiary commentaries compiled by the knower of the Vedas called the Rishis.

Originally Veda itself arises from the Sanskrit root word 'vid' which means 'knowing' and hence that is a significance that the Vedas were cognized through the higher realm and dimensions of the human intellect through the activation of the pineal gland in brain, as explained by the latest biophysics scientists in west. Therefore the knowledge of the Vedas is ever known as eternal or 'Apaurusheya' which means not a human creation, rather exists eternally.

Vedas are the product of the direct cognitive realization of human Self and thus is considered as the blueprint of the cosmos and creation. The core subject of the Vedas is therefore the Soul or the Self at cosmic and individual levels. The world or cosmos is considered as the apparently transformed reflection of this Self known as Brahmm and the world is thus considered as not real rather apparently real just as a wave in the ocean is temporarily real and later on it gets dissolved in ocean and becomes the ocean itself. Similarly this world or cosmos is also an apparent transformation of the transcendental consciousness the Brahmm which can be compared to the ocean and the wave can be compared to the world or cosmos. Strikingly the same analogous theory now the western academic backgrounds have come up in their recent research that the universe purely psychic and non-existent for the reason that it is an apparent appearance and not a real appearance. All the researches in the hyper dimensional physics are turning to the same Vedic background now.

The fact in Vedic commentaries that, the cosmic and individual states, both are considered qualitatively same and quantitatively different and therefore the studies of cosmology and psychology are one and the same in Vedic science i.e.Cosmology at microcosmic level at cosmic level while psychology at microcosmic level at individual level. This is not the same in modern science today and this is the reason that till date modern science is unable to solve the core problems of human brain and the cosmology as they consider these two separate. This is the reason why still human behavior is just a riddle and a puzzle for them for the very fact that they are still unable to correlate the oneness of human state with the cosmos that both are just the seas the drop of the ocean is equally same as that of the entire ocean.

I personally believe that if such a correlated studies ever start up and being taken seriously then most of the crucial human problems of the present civilization can be solved at hand.

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