Tuesday, 9 October 2018


If one decides to be fit, no obstacle can stop him or her to achieve the dream fitness. The problem that occurs is the initial days or a week of the start of work out. People stop work out as they find themselves unable to continue and that’s how the fitness plan fails. Although they realize its importance but they become helpless. In such case some motivation is required. They can start up with fun ways like dancing and aerobics on their favorite music.
The challenge can be faced by following some basic steps as mentioned below:
      1. Have a fitness plan
One should manage the time off the day in a way that some time must be spared for exercise. The time of work out should not be very odd so that one starts and stops within two days. For example people start morning walk but stops very soon as they can’t wake up early in the morning. The time can be evening or morning depending on the comfort level. The most important thing is the continuity.
      2.  Morning or evening walk
Only brisk walking or running for half an hour in a day can result into the reduced weight and fat. It also helps improving lungs proper functioning, improves cardiac system, improves respiratory system, improves metabolism and so on.
       3.  Exercise at Home
If one does not get the opportunity to go to walk, the exercise can be done at home. There are various videos that are available on internet, youtube through which one can learn various ways of exercising. Even the floor exercise of 10 days for abdomen may give good results.
        4.  Joining yoga or dance classes
People may join yoga or dance classes for being fit. Proper yoga and fast dance gives fast results.
                    5.   Playing out door games
People after the office time may plan for playing some fitness sports like badminton or tennis. Even some times in lunch hours in office this can be practiced.

6.  Avoid sitting throughout the day on chair

In today’s work style we remain seated on chair throughout the day. It results into belly fat. We should try to avoid it by having some movements in the office timings. We should avoid lifts and should use stairs.

        7.  Avoid junk and oily food
It is very important to have a check on food habits. One should have a control on tong. The diet should be light and healthy. We may include sprouts, salads, vegetables skimmed milk and light snakes in our diet.
After this which is known to almost everyone I feel that I have not said anything new. But I believe that even when we know something, it’s better to keep reminding the things to our well wishers, family and friends. After all health is wealth. Be energetic, be fitness freak, live life with health and happiness. Even now if you have not planned for it, this is the time my friend to wake up and not only start thinking but implementing.

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