Monday, 30 April 2018

Optimism: What it really says??

“Be an Optimist!!, Don’t lose hope…” …are endless suggestions which we all receive during our bad and hard times. But the moment when we are receiving these hyper suggestions is usually the time when we can’t even imagine our next move by just sitting idle and having a positive attitude. At that time, all these scholarly suggestions seem to be useless, meaningless and even pseudo too…
But my dear!!!! those are the only moments which can also make you realize what actually these big words meant for???
Without any doubt, being positive especially during the worst time is next to impossible, but believe me, these words are actually your life savior, life changing and life transforming words.
Just try to forget what happened, what was the extent of that negative moment, what was it all about…just focus on your mindset while dealing with them, no matter what life brings to you, stay calm, stay positive and stay focused on what you want…
As your beliefs have the power to move the mountains (you must have watched “TUBE LIGHT” movie J J). Don’t let the negative thoughts occupy any single corner of your mind. Have firm belief on your strength and determination and yes please don’t leave everything on destiny….
Destiny gives us only that for which we struggle and we fight, leaving everything on destiny is just like eating food without your own hands.
Don’t ever change your dreams just because someone said that this is  not in your destiny…You are the maker and creator of your own destiny, (if not 100%, but upto 99.5%) . So better to leave only that 0.5% portion on destiny, rest is in your hands as….
“Fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you back.
Dr. Neha Gupta
Assistant Professor

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