Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Optical Wireless for quickly and high-throughput link connectivity

Optical Wireless for quickly and high-throughput link connectivity
THE PROBLEM: Engineering services firms need to quickly and cost-effectively connect high-speed networks between office buildings or portable office work trailers.

THE SOLUTION: High-throughput beams of laser light connect buildings, enabling data-intensive computer-aided design, modeling and process simulation collaboration by engineering services firm employees in multiple sites..
The solution eliminates:
• Duplicate data centers in multiple buildings.
• Time-consuming installations.
• T1 and E1 throughput constraints.
• Costly fiber investments.
• Reliance on fixed-line service providers.
• In-ground fiber requirements.

Additional Benefits include:
• Full speed, bi-directional communication.
• Not reliant on service provider fiber line availability.
• Secure connections cannot be sniffed or detected.
• Installed and operational in a day.
• Immune from interference with existing wireless products.
• Can be mounted on roofs or behind windows.
• No spectrum licenses.
• Works in climates around the world from Siberia to Baghdad.
• Multi-beam redundancy available.
 Dr. Ajay Sharma
  Associate Professor (ECE)
JIMS, Gr.Noida

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