Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Importance of the Guru in our life

The Guru-Disciple tradition is a unique feature of our Indian culture. We celebrate this tradition on the occasion of Guru-purnima which helps us to understand the importance of the Guru in our life. The Guru is the one who takes out ignorance from us. Our teachers are our Guru. That is why, 'Teacher's Day' should be celebrated on the auspicious day of Guru-purnima to offer gratitude at the feet of our teachers. 'Guru' is a term in which 'Gu' means 'darkness' (hidden) and 'ru' means 'removal'. Guru is the one who removes the ignorance of disorder from our life and teaches us how to live a blissful life.
The Two Gurus in our life
1. Our Parents are our first Guru, who inculcate good values in us and help us to blend with our society. Our parents teach us everything in our childhood stage. They make us aware what is right and what is wrong. They inculcate good habits in us – for example – Why and how to pay respect to our elders and to greet different people to whom we meet, to welcome our guests etc.
Since our parents tell us all these things, they are our first Guru. That is why we must respect and salute them everyday and this is the real gratitude towards them.
2. Our teachers are our second Guru, who teaches us so many things to make us better human beings in this world. Actually, Teacher's day must be celebrated and on this day we should bow down in respect to the teachers and ask for their blessings. Our teachers give us knowledge of various subjects. They give us broad vision of life – which we should live for our Nation, not for ourselves. Our teachers lead us to the path of progress and development by teaching us various subjects with an unselfish attitude.

Besides, they also teach us the subjects like social science and economics and make us aware that we owe to the society in which we live. Through Economics, they teach us to earn money by fair means and not by corrupt means. Today we observe that our whole nation is enveloped by corruption. Teachers feel that we should change this sad state of affairs.

Rajnee Gaur
Assistant Professor

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