Thursday, 17 August 2017

Optical Wireless for Engineering Services

THE PROBLEM: Engineering services firms must add or re-assign personnel on deadline to meet customers ‘time-sensitive project demands. Large-scale engineering projects for rapidly changing corporations require temporary facilities such as rented office space or portable office trailers, which need high-speed network connectivity for access to large data files from computer-aided design (CAD), modeling, process simulation and imaging applications. To remain competitive, engineering services firms must operate flexible high speed networks that enable employees to collaborate projects from a centralized server. For engineering services networks with two or more sites, wired T1/E1 connections are insufficient. The steep costs of trenching and installing fiber—combined with the many months necessary to obtain permits and complete an installation—make dedicated fiber an unattractive option. For deployment of centralized network data centers and support of critical applications in multiple buildings, neither wired T1/E1 connections or fiber are viable, due to throughput constraints or costs. To avoid the enormous costs of fiber, installations that can take months and the throughput limitations of T1 and E1 connections, engineering services firms are turning to Optical Wireless solutions.
THE SOLUTION: Engineering services firms with two or more buildings visible by line-of-sight are turning to high-speed Optical Wireless bridging solutions for real-time inter-building collaboration. Now, users in multiple buildings or portable sites can access a centralized data center at the same speed as if they were in the same building. Leveraging proven free-space optics (FSO) technology, Optical Wireless solutions combine the speed of fiber with the flexibility of wireless. Using laser beams, engineering services firms can instantly transmit data at light speed without the complications of leased or dedicated lines. Optical Wireless solutions can be rapidly deployed, often in a single day, and re-deployed for future networks and customer-driven requirements.

Ajay Sharma

ECE Dept. JIMS Gr.Noida

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