Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Disaster Recovery by Optical Wireless

Imagine a major network outage – your fiber optic cable has been severed by a construction crew or an earthquake has severed your network feed. It is a critical link between buildings. What do you do?
Optical Wireless Communication offers you rapidly deployable, secure high bandwidth restoration services. It is a next generation Free Space Optics (FSO) technology offer fiber-like data rates and availability with the true simplicity and ease of use of a wireless solution. FSO solution can be rapidly deployed to support your emergency needs. As an example, FSO can be installed in less than 30 minutes, once power and data connections are routed to the site, using FSO’s simple alignment system. Indoor (through windows) or outdoor installations are possible.

Better yet, FSO can be deployed proactively to provide diverse path backup for your critical links. In the event of an emergency causing the primary path to fail – the data is automatically routed over the FSO beam path minimizing downtime for your network users.

FSO technology provides high speed wireless connections using invisible and eye safe light beams in distances up to several miles.

Ajay Sharma
ECE Dept. JIMS Gr.Noida

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