Saturday, 26 November 2016

Virtual Reality a future ahead

Believe it or not, the Treta and Dwapar Yugs, the time of the Ramayana and Mahabharta mention about the technological development like use of airplane, Sanjay narrating the Warfield activity to the King Dhritrashtra, sudden appearance of Deva’s etc.

Today’s science era believes in experimenting and proving things instead of believing on stories. Virtual reality is one such development in the current Yuga (period). The technical definition of the virtual reality is to immerse a user within a computer generated, virtual environment that should be visually identical to the real one.
Virtual reality can be understood as a medium composed of interactive computer simulations that sense the participant's position and actions and replace or augment the feedback to one or more senses, giving the feeling of being mentally immersed or present in the simulation. Indeed, in virtual environments, participants are immersed and surrounded by information, which is to scale and, which is three dimensional.

The interface is very intuitive to use for exploring virtual environments because it is tightly coupled to the way people explore real environments. Viewers can look around in the model by turning and moving their heads, as they do naturally in real spaces. Because of the specific attributes of virtual interfaces, people develop a sense of actually being somehow present inside the model. And with this sense of presence, viewers could potentially, for the first time, perceive the modeled spaces as they would the real spaces. One such interface is shown in figure below.
Virtual reality is being explored in many fields where it is not possible to interact with the real and physical objects. A user can explore such environments interactively and conduct experiments to study such systems as it may not always be possible or even feasible to conduct experiment on real objects. Some of the application areas include includes:  Medical imaging and processing, Flight Simulators, War and Fun gaming, Oil and gas exploration, Virtual Training, Automotive and space vehicle design.

Conclusion: The VR systems are available even today but many may not have experienced it yet. They have started appearing for the common people in the form of smart games. But soon Virtual reality is going to come a big way in our life and we may not be in a position to part from such systems in future. They will become part of our life as a source for entertainment and a lot more.

 Dr. Ravinder Nath Rajotiya
HOD Electronics & communication Engineering

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