Monday, 3 October 2016

Bookish Indian Democracy is Despotism Practically

An interesting subject ‘We and Our Government’ was taught during our school days. We were taught that how a government is formed. What are its various bodies, their power, how they work and provide facilities for people in different fields like health, economy, education etc. it was then interesting to know about the governance of a country, particularly our own country. Mot of the students used to listen to those lectures carefully.
A chapter included in this subject was “Democracy”. It was very much interesting and fascinating to read and learn the definition of democracy i.e. “By the people, for the people and of the people”. We were taught that in our system of government every person irrespective of caste, creed, sex, colour arid religion is treated equally. Everybody can enjoy his / her Fundamental Rights which are implemented and safeguarded through the state machinery. I particularly used to feel very secure after it’s each lecture, as it always used to seem that there is no discrimination in our system of governance.
One more interesting chapter included in the subject was “The Elections”. It taught us how fairly the various government bodies and the member of the two houses of state legislative assemblies and parliament are elected. It used to seem us so fair that we expected nothing more fairly than the elections of our country.
But, now after living in the current situations of our country I feel these things are only bookish. There is no practical use of those lessons. The present system of government is just the opposite from the system which was described in the books. The government bodies work according to their own will ignoring the constitution of the country. During their five year tenure these government bodies work to gain the goodwill of their higher authorities and the higher authorities themselves remain busy in various processes to form the said government once again. It happens both at the Centre as well as at State level and the progressive constructive work always remains pending. It is the common man who suffers by ‘this system of government.
Elections nowadays are just a formality. Before election such a poison is induced in the people that every voter casts his / her vote in a state of hallucination, without even thinking whether the person is reliable for this job or not. So it becomes crystal clear, before elections, which party is going to form the government. Various approaches are adopted by the political parties to be in majority such as communalism. Religion is used these days as a weapon for such purposes.
In short we may say that democracy in India is “By the politicians for the politicians and of the politicians, because only those things happen which they desire. They control the nation like a TV set is controlled by a remote controller. Switch off the channel you dislike and switch on the channel you like, no matter what other like to watch.
An initial and easy step towards prosperity of a nation is that every individual has to be honest with his job. Ultimately everything will be right on its track and progress will take place, provided the young generation should not be communalised by the present age politicians.

Dr. M.N. Rahman, 
Assistant Professor,
 JEMTEC School of Law, 
Greater Noida

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