Tuesday, 5 April 2016

CIVIL ENGINEERS: A Bright Future Ahead……

Civil engineering has quite a beautiful and wide scope in India. But remember, one will has to be patient. And I can explain why…...!!
Civil engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with people, civilization of a country, their needs and basic facilities. So as long as there are humans and as long as we need development in terms of Flyovers, Sky-scrapper towers, Road network, railway……etc. Natural phenomenon like earthquakes and tornadoes civil engineers will be required. 
Just take an example of a routine life. A person wakes up in the morning brushes his teeth, takes showers, has breakfast, goes to office, works over there, has lunch, again works, comes back to home, has dinner, watches TV and enjoy with family then goes to bed.
In above example, that person required water for his morning activities, it has been indicated that if people do not get water supply in the morning, their whole day is disturbed. He needs public transportation or roads network to reach the destination every day to anywhere. His family members require school nearby. They need electricity which is generated by hydro-power or nuclear or thermal or solar or wind. To produce that electricity we need some giant or small scale structures, to transmit that electricity we need some poles located at certain distance. He should have food to eat, so we need good irrigation systems for farming. To have better irrigation we should have Canals and good water supply. To dispose of his waste he should have better sewer system and so on.
So By the above example one can easily understand that, majority of the task, directly or indirectly, require civil engineering.
As we know that India is a developing country, there are still so many remote areas where people are not getting good quality of water to drink, nor do they have electricity, nor do they have safer houses (Example: GujaratEarthquake), people need roads to commute, smart cities, need better transportation solutions, people need better standard of living.
Scope of Civil Engineering will never End

Dr. Shiv Kumar
                                                                        HOD Civil Engineering                                           

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